Trump and Clapper
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The war between the Establishment and Donald Trump reveals a level of political struggle Americans haven't witnessed in decades, perhaps centuries.

For decades, battles in American politics have played out behind the scenes, sometimes waged through assassinations, bribery, threats, psychological warfare, financial warfare and blackmail. But rarely has the dirty side of politics been aired for the public to see.

Trump was elected because he's a straight talker. He wasn't put in there by Russia. He wasn't put in there by white racists (in fact his message resonated more with minorities than whites).

Trump was voted into power with a mandate to whip the country back in shape after years of 'spine-bending' corruption. As Randall L. Bytwerk wrote in Bending Spines: The Propagandas of Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic, "National Socialism and Marxism-Leninism put enormous effort into bending, and sometimes breaking, spines - a process for which both found propaganda necessary."1

Neoliberalism has been no less spine-bending. Its pathological, postmodern system of ethics has bent and twisted human minds to accept its pursuit of unlimited tolerance, unaccountable lies, and unanswerable inequality. When necessary it breaks people's spines. Its effects on politics, economics, religion and society have been disastrous. The American people through Trump and the Western people as a whole through the Euroskeptic parties and Brexit, show their desire for the return of rational, human nature to politics.

As a brash businessman his pragmatic and brutally honest nature has caused a meltdown in Washington as he attempts to persuade America and NATO to stand up straight. Since higher office and society is filled with spiritual invertebrates, we are witnessing a clash of epic proportions.

Trump vs. Snowflakes

The media is arguably one of the most powerful weapons the Deep State has. As Malcolm X stated,
"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."
The media has trumpeted the claims that Trump is 'literally racist' and is 'literally going to start WWIII,' with pied pipers like Michael Moore and George Soros providing outlets for people to express their shallow 'rage against the Trump machine'. Those acquainted with Political Ponerology will recognize in the media, Michael Moore and George Soros the 'professors' who 'fish for individuals susceptible to the regime's ideology'. No doubt many actual professors have played a similar role in elevating the image of the 'social justice warrior' to the world's stage. Jordan Peterson has laid bare their bizarre agenda.

It's important to point out that the likelihood that the 'Social Justice' will turn into a mass movement is very small, as the 'professors' are always disappointed with the number of people who actually succumb to their pathological indoctrination. As Lobaczewski points out,
Analyzing these occurrences now in hindsight, we could say that the "professor" was dangling bait over our heads, based on specific psychological knowledge. He knew in advance that he would fish out amenable individuals, and even how to do it, but the limited numbers disappointed him. The transpersonification process generally took hold only when an individual's instinctive substratum was marked by pallor or certain deficits. To a lesser extent, it also worked among people who manifested other deficiencies in which the state provoked within them was partially impermanent, being largely the result of psychopathological induction.2
For the entire election cycle, Hillary Clinton played the role of such a 'professor' - indoctrinating a large number of Americans into a worldview that was simplistic, unrealistic, and downright evil. While she worked to rig the election in her favor, she claimed the Russians were doing it. When her own corruption was revealed in email leak after email leak, she claimed Russia was trying to expose her corruption to benefit Trump.

For some bizarre reason, many people believed her, and when she lost, the same people had a mini psychological breakdown - doubtless everyone knows of someone who couldn't get out of bed, who cried for the end of the world, who wanted to move to Canada. 'Normal liberals' became 'crazy libtards' in the blink of an eye (or were they always 'libtards'?)

There is no doubt that there are a number of people who, due to character defects, drug use, or upper class status, see Trump as 'literally Hitler' and are therefore ready to go to war to make sure that he doesn't get into office (or doesn't stay there long). This is the point where 'ideology' fails to explain anything in a concrete way.

These 'progressive goose-steppers' who go along with the war against the legitimately elected POTUS may as well be chanting 'Hail Satan' in their allegiance to deep state icons who, years earlier, were actively murdering their Progressive leaders around the world. And they do this shamelessly. It's astonishing to see it in action!

Are these the spiritual descendants of MLK Jr? No. These are the 'color revolution' progeny in the tradition of the nationalist movements in Ukraine and the Wahabbi jihadis in Syria - transpersonified masses who, if successful, wake up to find their countries in ruin and the vultures feasting on their corpses. They may not be large in number but they exert a disproportionate effect on the body politic because of the support they enjoy from the mainstream media, and their calls for the assassination of Donald Trump do not bode well for our future.

So like Trump or not, agree with his politics and his brazen personality or not, there is no evidence he is a 'white supremacist' or that he is 'literally Hitler'. Rather, he is up against something far nastier than anyone, possibly even he, fathoms. And he's going at it with a gusto that is either heroically brilliant or recklessly stupid. Either way, he acts like a man with not a moment to waste, and he's giving it to the establishment with both barrels.

Crisis of Western Civilization

human evolution
In Evolution of Civilizations elite historian Carroll Quigley defined civilization as a 'producing society with an instrument of expansion.' He subdivided its culture into 6 aspects - religious, military, intellectual, social, political, and economic functions - each representing a basic human need in an ever-changing world.

When people come together, they naturally create instruments that seek to satisfy each of these needs. We need to create things of value, and trade them in order to have an economy. We need certainty and meaning, so we have religion. We need to know what we're doing, so we have schools of thought. We need to defend ourselves in case of attack, so we have a military. We need to make decisions and we need laws, so we have politics.

In one of these categories an instrument of expansion arises. Through this instrument we create a surplus and someone reinvests it, thus creating an engine of growth. Sometimes it's political - through power relationships one group imposes upon another the demand to work, create surplus, and then the elite take that surplus, reinvest it, and society expands. Sometimes it's religious - the priesthood demands society create a surplus. In modern Western civilization the instrument is economic - capitalism and the pursuit of profit in a price structure. Either way it has 3 chief features:

1) Society must have an incentive to invent
2) Society must have an accumulation of surplus
3) The surplus must be reinvested in society.3

Quigley further elaborated on any given civilization's evolution, dividing it into 7 stages:

1. Mixture -
Peoples of various cultures meet and mix together.
2. Gestation - After time has passed people work together, form a unique culture and an instrument of expansion.
3. Expansion - The civilization uses its surplus to expand beyond its borders.
4. Conflict - Once the instrument of expansion is corrupted expansion begins to slow down. Elites foment class, racial, and ethnic conflicts and create institutions of oppression to keep their hold over massive fortunes they should otherwise reinvest. At this point society can either
  • Reform the system to begin expanding again (as in the appeal for Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again")
  • Create an alternative form of expansion to begin expanding again, or
  • Lose the struggle for creative growth to institutionalized forces, thus paving the way for:
5. Universal Empire - Corrupted and ponerized aspects or regions of the civilization take forcible control over the other parts until,
6. Decay - A period of 'acute economic depression, declining standards of living, civil wars between various vested interests, and growing illiteracy'4 arise and ultimately,
7. Invasion - In a state of decay neighboring civilizations move in and easily take over, thus beginning the process again.

The West is no exception to this process. In the 18th and 19th centuries the West expanded, bubbles were created, they burst, and the world was plunged into chaos. World Wars I & II saw an explosive 'Age of Conflict' that left much of Europe, Russia, China and Japan reduced to ruins.

From that destruction America rose to lead the West into an age of 'Universal Empire' with America on top, and the struggle continued for the US to maintain her control over the Western world throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The instrument of expansion was reformed through the New Deal, the Marshall Plan, and a new global financial order. The US ascended the throne of 'Universal Empire' and political and financial dynasties used the threat of the Soviet Union to cement a somewhat global power structure.

From the time of guerilla armies in Cuba, to Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, to the rise of ISIS in Iraq, vested Western interests have been using mercenary forces to undermine regions whose resources they seek to control. The early 2000s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were just the beginning of a larger, fluid and covert war on the world.

At the same time the 'elite' had begun implementing institutions of repression back home that would keep the people from challenging their authority. Predatory institutions like false flag events, terror attacks, austerity programs, refugee crises, and mass surveillance were all used to cement the control of vested interests' - to make sure that the people were never in a position to ask for (or demand) their share of the pie. The 2008 banking crisis led to a massive redistribution of wealth to the richest so that now the top 1% own more than the rest of the world combined.

But the plan to divide and control the globe, to institute a semi-permanent and truly global empire where 'swarms' of mercenary armies were at hand to topple whomever was deemed a threat, and to do it all under the banner of 'freedom and democracy', was crushed in Syria. It was truly the Stalingrad moment of what could be called World War III:
"The Battle of Stalingrad is not a turning point necessarily in strategic terms, because a lot more has to be done before the Soviets can be certain of defeating Germany," says renowned World War II historian Richard Overy. "The West has still got a lot to do to get its act together properly. But it's the extraordinary symbolic power that Stalingrad has for the Soviet people, and it's the point at which they suddenly begin to believe in themselves, and suddenly historic Russia has been saved. Suddenly the Germans are vulnerable. And this is the message that goes round the world."
The era of decay (with corrupt forces cemented into place) and universal empire mixed until the time of 'invasion' had come. But today the 'invasion' seems to have come primarily in the form of the rise of a multi-polar world, thanks to Russia and China.

With the massive waves of anti-Trump propaganda, it's clear the established elite wanted Trump to get with their program. The problem for them is, he hasn't. With Russia stopping the 'deep state' in Syria, Trump has now moved in on their home turf and, being a pragmatic businessman, he seems to see which way the wind is blowing. It's a fascinating development.

Trump's plan to 'Make America Great Again' is part of Quigley's recipe for breaking out of the 'age of conflict' - to bring jobs back, to once again re-invest in America. But we have already moved well past that and into the age of invasion. Thus the charge that Trump is a 'Russian stooge'.

Trump is looking, perhaps instinctively, to break the elite's stranglehold over the West's 'instrument of expansion' and to once again move our civilization back onto the path of expansion - something that could be feasible through an 'invasion' of a multi-polar order with mutually beneficial economic relations. The question is, is it possible? The IMF has forecast improved growth for the US economy, citing Trump's impact. But such massive changes are inevitably preceded by chaos, because the parasite will not allow its host to regain its health without a fight.

But a fight is exactly what Trump is giving these parasitic 'deep state' actors.

Trump vs. Deep State
John Brennan
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A not-so-happy John Brennan
After goons like McCain and Sen. Harry Reid fished for and found idiots to publish the 'Trump Dossier', the lies were finally published by BuzzFeed. All the gory details can be read in Joe Quinn's report A Tale of Two Dodgy Dossiers: Putin, Trump MI6 and the CIA.

Director of Intelligence Clapper immediately went to visit Trump to discuss the fall-out, to express his 'dismay,' though it's equally plausible he was there for a 'follow-up' to see if the incoming President 'got the message'.

Clearly he didn't.

After taking aim at the 'Trump Dossier' on Twitter, Trump took the 'Fake News' label peddled by so many MSM pundits and turned it against both them and the intelligence community, with vigor.

For a man who can send pharmaceutical stocks plummeting in a press conference, when he denounced CNN as being 'Fake News' and denied their reporters' questions he sent shock waves through the system. The various media outlets were visibly scrambling over themselves to blame one another. He has since floated the idea of bloggers and radio pundits attending his press briefings. Imagine - the alternative media on the same stage as CNN and the New York Times - what an entirely justified slap in their face that would be.

CIA Director John Brennan responded by not-so-subtly warning Trump to stop 'talking and tweeting' because it's bad for 'national security,' adding later that Trump 'doesn't understand' the reality of the Russian threat.

Instead of 'not talking and tweeting' Trump held an interview with Bild and The London Times in which he slammed TTIP, the War on Terror, Russian sanctions, Merkel's migrant policies, and NATO.
"I said a long time ago that NATO had problems. Number one it was obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago. Number two the countries aren't paying what they're supposed to pay. I took such heat, when I said NATO was obsolete. It's obsolete because it wasn't taking care of terror."

"With that being said, NATO is very important to me. There's five countries that are paying what they're supposed to. Five. It's not much."
This sent European politics into an uproar, with Merkel, Hollande, and numerous others in disbelief at Trump openly calling them on their numerous failures. To top it off Trump took to Twitter to let Brennan know exactly what he thought of him:

Slam! In two Tweets Trump reminds Brennan of all the CIA's major 'mistakes' (read war crimes) in recent years and then called him a 'leaker' - something that's as funny as it is threatening for a CIA official.

It looks like we have a real American Duterte on our hands. The establishment, which has been entrenching itself as a global network of organized crime for decades, knows this. Dislodging it will be tricky and, ominously, the Mossad and US Intel have recently met to discuss their next steps.

If the people of the West really wanted to 'shake things up' by voting in Trump and similar-minded individuals, hopefully they understand what they are in for. Because Trump's on-going behavior is perhaps best summed up in the Latin: Fiat justitia ruat caelum. ... "Let justice be done, though the heavens fall".

So hold on. This has already been one heck of a ride, and the man isn't even in office yet.


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