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Liberals love to think of themselves as stalwart defenders of tolerance and committed activists opposed to racism, unless of course, they're attacking a Republican. In that case, ignore Michele Obama's comment about going high when they go low, and just grab anything you can on the way down to the sewer.

MTV News culture writer Ira Madison III spent Tuesday morning slamming Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and called him a racist.

By 11 AM, his efforts must have gotten boring because he took aim at Session's biracial granddaughter who was sitting on the Alabama Senator's lap at the beginning of his confirmation hearing.

"Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys "R" Us you stole her from," Madison tweeted.
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He continued on his tirade against Sessions' biological granddaughter, insisting that she was only there as a political prop to show that the Senator wasn't racist. Who knew MTV News writers had a problem with Asians toddlers and not just white men?
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Within minutes of mocking a small child, both liberals and conservatives on Twitter started slamming Madison for showing his true colors.

Sadly, though, Madison did have his defenders. Social justice warriors who insisted that Sessions would want his granddaughter to attend one of the most important days of his life considered her a prop.
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But hey, it's people like Sessions that are the real racists, right?