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© Associated PressA still from a video taken on Sunday of Ukrainian police officers escorting Roma residents from the village of Loshchynivka, Ukraine
Three obligatory notes:
1.The murderer of the girl was arrested, and is not Roma.** An excuse, therefore to take over.
2. The local Azov leader states that, officialdom notwithstanding, the Roma will not be allowed back.
3. Most of this is how Azov wrote up their deed. Note that they are a "citizen body."
4. September 1: With his kind permission, I have appended Professor Vladimir Golstein's account below...
After the funeral of 9-year-old Angelina, whose death sparked the uprising of the villagers against the local Roma community, a citizen body, Azov, took control of the situation in Loschinovka. This was reported on the official website of the organization.

"At a meeting of the village council it was confirmed that the collective will not to allow any further abuse of the locals, and will not to allow the Roma to return to the village" according to the press release.

"Azov take responsibility for resolving the situation in every way possible.

According to the civic organization "Azov" in the Odessa region, the local law enforcement officers refused to fulfill their professional obligations. Therefore, their functions were assumed by the local self-defense under Azov leadership.

"We are beginning the fight against drug trafficking in the Odessa area, and waiting for support among the population and volunteers who will travel with us and break the backbone of the Gypsy drug system." say the activists. On the morning of August 31, "KP" in Ukraine "confirmed that already eight representatives of the civilian organization "Azov" of Odessa have set out for Loshchinovka. More are on their way to join them.

The exile of Roma from the stirred-up village continues.

Еight Roma families, a total of about 50 people, lived in Loshchinovka. When the pogrom began, they grabbed their essentials and left the village in a hurry. Where to go - no one really knew. Many went to the neighboring villages, to friends, relatives and other fellow Roma. Others have found shelter in abandoned homes nearby.

"The masses made the decision to evict the Roma," said chairman of the district administration Ismail Valentin Stoykov. "It was just a compromise: such measures are not spelled out in the law. I.e. the Roma may return to their homes at any time."

Vladimir Golstein's account:

Ukrainian paranoia in action. Having done with false accusations against Jews and Russians, they are now starting with gypsies.

In a little village a girl was killed (apparently a man was arrested and he is not a gypsy), yet, the local thugs (in Odessa district, so they are masters of pogroms) -- decided to set gypsy houses on fire and kicked them all out (8 families comprising 50 people altogether whom they blame for violence and drugs and other usual accusations). They gave them two hours to get their stuff and leave.

To make matters worse, the thugs from Azov (voluntary nazi organization that specializes on beating up and intimidating civilians) are already in this village trying to see what else can be burned and destroyed. Needless to say, the region is run by two heroic Georgians --Saakashvilli and his trusted chief of police do nothing.

As Chekhov once observed about French and their Dreyfus affair: if a Frenchman begins to look for someone to blame and finds it in Jews, Syndicate, Jesuits, or whatever, that means something is really rotten both the land and in his soul. Here is a link to NYT report, which is all too happy to ignore violence which Ukies do to their own people in the east (who cares about those) -- but decided to report on Roma expulsion:
"The violence in the small town, Loshchynivka, was touched off after [emphasis added] a local man was arrested on Saturday in connection with the rape and killing of a 9-year-old girl. A Ukrainian rights organization, the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, noted that the man was not Roma." -- NYT, today, August 31, 2016