Child in a bikini
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An annual swimwear event has sparked controversy after allowing child models to walk the catwalk in skimpy bikinis.

In celebration of Miami Swim Week, a new fashion collection has been paraded down the runway.

The three day event, which is held in South Beach, Florida, has promoted an entire range of swimwear, for both children and adults.

In one fashion collection by brand Hot As Hell, primary school children have walked down the catwalk in an array of different bikinis and swimming costumes.

Some defended the Hot As Hell brand, remarking that the kids look "cute"

Since photos and videos from the event have emerged online, some commenters have hit-out at the parents of the young models. One internet user remarked that using kids in fashion shows is "child abuse", while another begged: "Please look after your daughters".

Children in bikinis
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People have been giving their opinion on the official Hot As Hell Instagram page.

Some concerned social media users have slammed the brands use of young models for being "wrong", with many worrying that it leaves the child models at risk from online predators.

On the Hot As Hell official Instagram page, which has over 30,000 followers, the brand have been posting a snaps from the runway show.

One of the pictures, which shows three young girls in yellow swimsuits, racked up over 3,000 likes.

Dozens of commenters remarked the kids were "cute", while one Instagram user said that the girl will "be a hotty in a decade or so".

Despite the controversial decision to include child models, some internet users have defended the brand.

One Instagram user remarked: "My little sister would love to hang out with these girls on the runway!" Another simply said: "Amazing!!! Gorgeous girls!!"

Children in bikinis
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