Vishal Mehrotra

8 year old Vishal Mehrotra, who disappeared near the Elm Guest House in West London - alleged haunt of 'pedophiles in power'.
In an article published on RT last month, the father of an eight-year-old boy who died in the UK in the 1980s alleged that his son may have been abducted and murdered by members of a Westminster pedophile ring, and further claims that Scotland Yard were complicit in "covering up" the crime.
Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, said he recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that Mehrotra's son Vishal may have been abducted in the notorious Elm Guest House in southwest London in 1981. Mehrotra also said despite playing the recording for police officers, they refused to investigate allegations that high-profile judges and politicians were involved in the kidnapping of his son.
After watching the wedding procession of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in July 1981, Vishal Mehrotra was abducted as he walked home in the Putney area of London. Newspaper reports at the time claim Mehrotra's home was less than a mile from the Elm Guest House, where witnesses said a "kings and queens" party was being hosted. Part of Vishal's skeleton was found in 1982 in woodlands in West Sussex. According to coroners' reports, there was no trace of his legs, spine or clothing.

Elm House was raided in June 1982 and dozens of men with high public profiles were questioned. Although none were implicated, it is believed the raids were connected to the disappearance of Vishal, as well as another boy, 15-year-old Martin Allen.

Mehrotra told theTelegraph:
"I was contacted by a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He told me he believed Vishal may have been taken by pedophiles in the Elm Guest House near Barnes Common."

"He said there were very highly placed people there. He talked about judges and politicians who were abusing little boys."

"At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned. Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover-up. There is no doubt in my mind."
Martin Allen's disappearance has also been linked to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, and the alleged VIP pedophile brothel. But when the Sunday People reported that when the boy's older brother pushed for more to be done on the case, saying he believed a top level cover-up was hiding the circumstance of the teenager's disappearance, he was told to "stop talking like that, you might get hurt."

Mr Allen, 51, now believes the files relating to Martin have been destroyed or lost to avoid solving the mystery that has haunted his family for 35 years. As reported in the Daily Mail last month, he said:

Martin Allen
© PA
Martin Allen was abducted thirty years ago in London and his disappearance has also been linked to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south west London, and the alleged VIP pedophile brothel.
"I've no faith in the police. They failed us.

Within a couple of months of Martin disappearing, my father said: 'There's something not right here.'

Police weren't doing enough. They went through the motions.

So it didn't surprise me when a senior officer warned me I could get hurt."
Mr Allen said he always believed there was 'Establishment involvement' in his brother's disappearance.

Jackie Malton, now retired from Scotland Yard, was a detective sergeant when she worked on the case and said the investigation could have been compromised by the "power of politicians" at the time. Regarding the tape recording Mr Mehrotra played for the police, she said, "the culture of policing at the time meant it was possible the recording was ignored and the murder covered up due to the alleged involvement of senior figures at Westminster." Talking to the Telegraph, Mrs Malton added:
"There was also a strong sense of the power of Parliament and of politicians. It was very much a case of 'do as you are told'," she claimed. "There was certainly a culture of disbelief among the officers, and that often didn't help to get to the truth. But the politicians were very much in power, and the police officers' voices could often not be heard. It's very different now. Back then, people were nowhere near as accountable for their actions."
Really!? If there truly is more 'accountability' nowadays - then where is the justice? Why are these sick, psychopathic perverts in positions of power never held accountable for their depraved, vile crimes? Before we look at their Modus Operandi, we first need to understand the environment (social, political, cultural, religious and business) in which these highly placed and influential individuals generally dwell - namely, the 'Establishment'.


Two members of the British 'establishment' - psychopath meets pedophile! Jimmy Savile receiving more money from former British PM Margaret Thatcher, no doubt to 'help all the little children around the UK'.

The Establishment

'The Establishment' is essentially an elite that wields huge power in the UK and abroad (often with overlapping interests with other dominant British-descended groups). The term is most often used in the United Kingdom, in which context it includes:
leading politicians, senior civil servants, senior barristers and judges, aristocrats, senior clergy in the established Church of England, the most important financiers and industrialists, governors of the BBC, and the Monarchy.
So we can reasonably determine that this list encompasses the higher, influential echelons of a pyramid-shaped, hierarchical, control structure - which we see at local, national and international level. Generally these 'establishment' figures all attend public schools, such as Eton College. A cursory glance at lists of attendees to just this one 'public school' - 'Old Etonians' as they are called - reveals why these people, generally speaking (invariably there are some exceptions), are completely incapable of functioning honorably at higher levels of all institutions serving the public interest: they all susceptible to a syndrome called the 'Old Boys Network'. When faced with conflicts of interests - say, exposing and punishing pedophiles in high places - like Jimmy Savile or former MP Cyril Smith - this 'sad affliction' means their sense of duty is NOT to expose sick, depraved and criminal individuals and groups, but instead to cover it all up and protect other members of the 'Establishment'. But just how do they continue to do this so successfully?

An article in the Daily Mail, (Establishment hid monster midst as MP's demand inquiry covering VIP child abuse ring chilling proof depraved diplomat protected good and the great) concerning Sir Peter Hayman gives some important insights into just how the 'Establishment' protects its own kind, and helps us unravel their Modus Operandi.

Dark Arts - The Modus Operandi:

Whether it is covering up VIP pedophile rings, high level corruption or instigating regime change in other countries, there are various historically proven tools at the disposal of these psychopaths in power. For brevity, I will concentrate on those 'Dark Arts' which are applicable to the the 'cover up' of British pedophiles in very high places, namely Perception Management (the Public Inquiry, the Deflection technique and the 'normalization' of pedophilia ), intimidation / death, and cowardly or 'yellow' journalism.

Perception Management: The Public Inquiry

When appointing 'one of your own' to an influential position (say, head of a Public Inquiry) the Establishment is virtually guaranteed a favorable decision. A recent example illustrating how this 'Old Boys Network' works concerns victims' groups coming to the "unanimous" decision that Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London, should be replaced as head of a Public Inquiry into rampant child sex abuse committed by members of the Establishment. A veritable 'Woolf in sheep's clothing'!
Leon Brittan was Home Secretary in 1984 when ministers were handed a dossier on alleged high-profile pedophiles and insisted that the proper procedures were followed. Woolf disclosed that she lived in the same street in London as Lord Brittan and had invited the Conservative Peer and his wife to dinner on three occasions. In total, she had dined with Lord Brittan and his family five times since 2008 and had also had a coffee with Lady Brittan on a "small number of occasions". Woolf further disclosed that she had been involved in the past with bodies with which the Brittans had also had involvement.
The victims' groups, like other normal people, could see that this 'conflict of interests' hardly made Mrs Woolf an 'impartial' candidate for that sensitive and responsible position. Some politicians who have some integrity and who campaigned for the inquiry, like Labour MP Simon Danczuk, said he thought Woolf should resign, which she later did following mounting opposition. Yet Downing Street maintained that Prime Minister David Cameron - an 'old Etonian' himself - "is absolutely clear that he thinks she can do this job with integrity and impartiality" (clearly highlighting the severity of his 'affliction').

Why not allow the victims and their families the choice of appointing qualified persons to such hugely important positions? There are plenty of other competent people in the country who have not been tainted by the 'Old Boys Network', and who could responsibly hold these roles - but the problem with that, of course, is the increased likelihood of them finding the truth! That option clearly cannot be allowed to manifest.


MP Simon Danczuk was about to challenge Lord Brittan (centre) about what he knew about child sex abuse. Flanking Leon Brittan are Tory grandees Edward Heath and Willie Whitelaw
As Simon Danczuk said recently in an article in the Mail Online:
Recent events have led me to the inescapable conclusion that in politics, particularly when the focus is on members of parliament guilty of abusing children, it frequently generates indifference. That's not to say all politicians have a blind spot where this terrible crime is concerned. There are some great campaigners across all parties working hard to protect children - as evidenced by the 130 MPs who have signed up to a call for a public inquiry into historic child abuse. But among the higher echelons of party politics, where the real power resides, my impression is that there is little appetite to confront the abusers in their midst. Quite the opposite. The mood is defensive, the approach is dominated by silence. 'Move along, nothing to see here,' or 'what's the point in raking all that up old boy?' is the attitude I have seen time after time.

Perception Management
: The Deflection Technique

Earlier this year, more than 600 suspected pedophiles, including doctors and teachers, were arrested across Britain after a six-month investigation led by the National Crime Agency. The agency, dubbed Britain's FBI, announced on Wednesday it had arrested 660 suspected child abusers and taken more than 400 children into care in the first nationwide investigation of its kind. Of the 660 arrested, 39 were registered sex offenders but the vast majority of suspected paedophiles were off the police's radar. Those arrested include doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers.

Chief constable Simon Bailey, the national policing lead for child protection and abuse investigations, said the vast majority of forces in England and Wales were dealing with an unprecedented increase in the number of reports of child sexual abuse. He said:
"Sexual abuse is a complex crime taking many forms. Forces are investigating exploitation of children and young people by groups and gangs, non-recent abuse including large-scale investigations into abuse in institutions over many years and sexual abuse by parents and family members.

"During this operation we've targeted offenders accessing child abuse images. Police must continue to use a range of investigative techniques targeting all forms of abuse if we are going to protect children and bring offenders to justice. Chief officers are committed using all the tools available to them because nothing is more important in policing than protecting vulnerable people."
Of course, EVERY case of abuse, particularly to young and vulnerable people should be thoroughly investigated, leading to prosecution of the guilty offenders. But investigations like this, and the on-going one in Rotherham, target specifically those abusers at the lower end of society - to deflect attention from the on-going 'investigations' (for public consumption) into the abuse at higher levels. They actually DO investigate and prosecute the lowly scumbags, but only TALK about doing likewise with their higher level criminal 'establishment' cohorts.

Cyril Smith

the grotesque former MP Cyril Smith - at the pedophile safe haven of Westminster!
Perception Management: 'Normalization' of Pedophilia

To form a basic understanding as to how the perpetrators and apologists for pedophilia can formulate their narratives to justify their depraved deeds, read the words of Ralph Underwager. An 'expert' witness for the defense in scores of child abuse cases and former vocal member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, he gave an interview in Paidika (a pro-pedophilia publication), conducted in June 1991.
"Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose ... I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God's will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of flesh, between people ... paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, 'I believe this is in fact part of God's will.'"
Here in the so-called 'civilized' (in reality - 'ponerized') United Kingdom, there has been a concerted effort in parts of the academic establishment to push the boundaries on the acceptability of child sex. Even as recently as last July, the following comments were being delivered at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.
"Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,"

"At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children ... Normal males are aroused by children."
Other presentations included "Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis," and "Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia."(Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.)

So, here we have a world-renowned education facility where academics are openly seeking to justify acts which any normal and conscionable person would consider disgusting and reprehensible. It's all part of an insidious attempt to 'normalize' pedophilia. Commenting on the cascade of child sex crime scandals in the UK in the last couple of years, not least the conviction of celebrated children's TV presenter Rolf Harris, the lurid revelations about another BBC children's TV presenter - Jimmy Savile - and solid claims of an establishment cover-up to protect at least one child rapist government minister in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet, journalist Andrew Gilligan recently wrote in the Guardian:
A key factor in what happened all those decades ago in the dressing rooms of the BBC, the wards of the NHS and, allegedly, the corridors of power was not just institutional failings or establishment "conspiracies", but a climate of far greater intellectual tolerance of practices that horrify today.
Again, I have to dispute the all-too-common assumption that 'people were less horrified then about such deeds than they are today'. Sex with children - to say nothing of the violent rape and murder of children - has ALWAYS been wrong, and it horrified people yesterday just as much as it does today. The only difference I can think of between then and now is that it has become very difficult for the British Establishment to prevent its inhuman practices from reaching public awareness.


Twisted: The Pedophile Information Exchange received state funding for networking pedophiles and preying on thousands of children
Another attendee and enthusiastic participant at the University of Cambridge conference this past July was one Tom O'Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Police are now investigating PIE as part of Operation Fernbridge, launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal. A senior source on the investigation says there is evidence PIE members were abusing children "on an industrial scale". The Home Office is also probing shocking claims that the Labour government of the 1970s may have helped finance the pedophile group. Don't hold your breath with this 'investigation' either. A Daily Mail investigation has discovered that during the 1970s and 1980s:
  • Former Minister for Health Patricia Hewitt described PIE in glowing terms as 'a campaigning/counselling group for adults attracted to children';
  • The NCCL lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be cut to ten - if the child consented and 'understood the nature of the act'.
  • It called for incest to be legalised in what one MP dubbed a 'Lolita's charter';
  • The NCCL claimed research shows young paedophile victims are often 'consenting or even the initiators of the sexual acts involved';
  • It filed a submission to Parliament claiming that 'childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult, result in no identifiable damage'.
  • Labour's former deputy leader Harriet Harman, as NCCL legal officer, tried to water down child pornography laws.
  • NCCL lawyers acted for a PIE member who was quizzed by police over appalling behaviour.
So while David Cameron's government looks to 'make good' with the British public by cracking down on online porn (which apparently blocked up to a fifth of the Internet in the UK - how long before alternative media are 'accidentally' blocked too?), we can see that leading figures those in influential positions of power, in academic and political life are complicit in 'normalizing' pedophila.

Intimidation / death

Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in the British TV Guide Magazine, was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of American religious leaders and politicians who flew children to Washington, D.C. for sex orgies. While the video quality is not top grade, the documentary is a blockbuster in terms of what it revealed.

In an interview with American Commentary, Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal, highlights how intimidation and death, used by all countries where pedophiles in power operate with impunity, has worked successfully in protecting pedophile rings.

The interstate pedophile network he exposed in the USA, which "pandered children to the rich and powerful, and was ultimately covered up by a corrupt subgenus of federal law enforcement, and state law enforcement," offers important lessons in these Dark Arts.

Although the epicenter of the network was in Omaha, Nebraska, run by Lawrence E. King, the other main camp was operated by Craig Spence of Washington, D.C., a pedophilic pimp and CIA asset. They were both also Republican powerbrokers. According to Nick Byrant:
A lot of these pedophile parties went down in Craig Spence's home. And his home was wired for audiovisual blackmail. Spence was a blackmail specialist.

Spence's guest lists were a veritable who's who of people in congress, people in the upper echelon of the Reagan administration, the upper echelon of what would become the Bush administration, the upper echelon of the judiciary.

Whatever you wanted you would be provided, and then you would subsequently be blackmailed. And this is why it had to be covered up in Nebraska, because if this unfolded in Nebraska, it would have been a domino effect all the way to Washington DC, and it would have shown Americans just how corrupt their political system is.

So if the cover-up was going to continue, both state and federal law enforcement were forced to call grand juries to cover up the child abuse - and that's what happened
franclin scandal headline

A "carefully crafted hoax"! Yet more abuse for the innocent victims. How utterly contemptible!
What makes these cases even more obscene is the fact that those victims who were brave enough to speak out were horrifically abused a second time - by the very authorities that were supposed to be protecting them - through relentless intimidation, with some even being sentenced for perjury when in fact they were telling the truth. As Nick Bryant noted, "the FBI threatened to kill a perpetrator who wanted to come forward and seek immunity. And the FBI also threatened victims with perjury if they kept on with their abuse story."

It doesn't exactly inspire confidence in those alphabet 'intel' agencies, now does it? Whether it is MI6, FBI, CIA, Mossad, whoever - they are merely instruments serving Puppet Masters, not the ordinary man, woman and child in society. Of course, they can always justify their actions in the name of "national security" to maintain the psychopathic status quo. In Franklin Scandal, some 2 or 3 mysterious deaths are described in every chapter.
There were two kids who refused to recant their abuse and they were both indicted on multiple counts of perjury. And one was subjected to a kangaroo court, her name was Alisha Owen, and she was given between 9 and 15 years for perjury - because she wouldn't recant her abuse. And she spent nearly two years in solitary confinement.

All the victims were told that if they went on with this story they would go down for perjury, so it was essential that an example be made of Alisha Owen.

And Alisha's 17 year old brother died under very mysterious circumstances. And another victim who testified with her, his brother also died under mysterious circumstances. The state investigator and his son also died under mysterious circumstances. And there were other people in Nebraska affiliated with the ring who supposedly committed suicide too. And then Craig Spence also committed suicide.

BBC - Cowardly 'Yellow Journalism' in action

When some media insiders actually do try to uncover and expose pedophile activities, as popular TV presenter Jill Dando did within the BBC in the mid-1990s, "no-one wanted to know." She was gunned down just outside her Fulham home on April 26, 1999, in what remains an unsolved murder.

When we look at 'some' of the sick pedophiles who worked at the BBC (Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Dave Lee Travis, Chris Denning), using their fame and positions to act with apparent impunity, is it any wonder that "no-one wanted to know." Looking at the backgrounds of the BBC governors and top editors, we can see they are generally members of the Establishment - which is hardly conducive to 'impartial journalism' as advocated by the BBC Charter. The complicity of such influential individuals in 'cover ups' are clearly illustrated by the Newsnight fiasco, where the BBC's top investigative show pulled its own report into the Jimmy Savile scandal - 'Protecting pedophile networks BBC ordered cover up of its own investigation into serial child rapist Jimmy Savile'.

The BBC has a history of protecting pedophiles (and war criminals), and this 'news' organisation - which claims to be 'objective' and a 'beacon of the free press', yet issues decrees that inhibit its 'journalists' (functionally no different from psychopathic enablers and apologists for pedophiles and war criminals) from reporting on certain topics - including, but certainly not limited to, the Scottish Referendum, Israeli atrocities, the demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia, and, of course, the pedophile rings at the BBC itself and in Westminster - really ought to amend its Charter to more accurately reflect its cowardly, biased stance:
New BBC Charter

that the mission of the Corporation is to "dis-inform, un-educate and entertain". It states that the Corporation exists to serve their psychopathic Puppet Masters public interest and to promote its public purposes: sustaining the illusion of citizenship and civil society, promoting a dumber society education and learning, discouraging stimulating creativity and encourage cultural subservience excellence.

Breaking the 'historic' cycle of abuse?

Worldwide, there are probably still hundreds of thousands of innocent children suffering at the hands of these vile, soulless monsters, with the UK's 'VIP' pedophile ring being connected to a larger international web of interlocking, protected pedophile rings. For more on the scope of this dark underworld inhabited by our overlords, read Dave McGowan's expose on the grisly 'Pedophocracy'.

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the suspected murder of three boys in relation to the so-called Westminster "VIP" pedophile ring, which allegedly serially abused boys during the 1970s and 80s. Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald, who is leading the investigation, made a public plea for witnesses and deemed one alleged victim, known as Nick, to be a "credible" witness who was telling the truth.

As Nick said in his first public broadcast in November, where he claimed that his abusers would always "do what they wanted":
"Some of them were quite open about who they were. They had no fear at all of being caught, it didn't cross their mind."
Think about that: "no fear at all of being caught". That arrogance, or 'wishful thinking', is very much a characteristic trait of psychopaths in power. Read what Andrew Lobaczewski called the process of 'ponerization' in his book Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes. Psychopaths don't fear being caught because they do not experience fear. They do of course avoid exposure, and will use any and all means to do so.

Will anything change with this latest so-called "investigation" in the UK into pedos-in-power? Based on the historic evidence, briefly highlighted here, the simple, tragic answer is: NO. Nevertheless, all conscionable folk have a duty and responsibility to simply strive to 'do the right thing', to the best of ones ability and circumstances. Are we, though? Time to look in the mirror perhaps, and then into the eyes of our children.

Britain's plague of pederasty and abuse of power will continue unless we attempt to understand our own psychology, and that of those in power, and then make the necessary efforts to drag these terrible, inhumane crimes from the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowing.

Our continued silence and unquestioning acquiescence to 'the authorities' actively assists these 'cover ups' of pedophiles in high places. But if we can individually accept our responsibility - that by our own apathy and ignorance we too are complicit in these heinous crimes - then we can also choose to become more active and knowledgeable and begin to undermine their power structure. Just knowing about it is a great start.

At this 'festive season' particularly, shared with our loved ones, we could spare a thought for those vulnerable children who have been, are, and will continue to be abused, raped and murdered. Perhaps the greatest gift we can bequeath them is to find our own humanity, to make an effort to right a terrible wrong, to get informed and actually care enough to express it, however, wherever and whenever we can.


Our missing children - how many of them end up as victims of the Establishment pedophiles in power?