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SB 277 signed into law by CA Governor to deny vaccine exemptions for school children
Under a California law now in effect, parents will have to get their children immunized against chicken pox, measles, mumps and seven other viruses in order to register for school.

No longer can parents choose not to vaccinate their children citing a personal belief.

Dr. Dean Blumberg, an infectious disease expert, said he believes the law will help prevent serious outbreaks in schools.

"I think there will be a higher rate of immunization in schools, and I think that will make schools a safer place for students, especially mainstream students, those parents who chose to vaccinate their children," Blumberg said.

Outside the capitol Friday evening, opponents of the new law held a protest. Several parents attending said they are being forced to weigh their child's education against their health.

"We know that there are risks for some children, and it's a parent's right to say, 'you know what, that risk isn't worth it for me,'" A Voice for Choice member Kimberly McCauley said.

Parents can still get a medical exemption from their doctor. The only other options parents have, if they chose not to vaccinate their children, are to tutor them at home or leave the state.

"A lot of parents are not in the position that they can just home-school, single families, parents that don't speak English, families with two incomes and they just can't afford to lose an income? What are they supposed to do? Move out of the state?" McCauley said.

McCauley said she knows of ten families who have left California because they didn't want to vaccinate their children.

Blumberg said he respects the parents for being so devoted to their kids, but he disagrees with the conclusions they've made regarding the risks from vaccines.

Comment: Interesting perspective from Dr. Blumberg, sounds like he is just parroting the whole 'vaccines save lives' line and cannot see that parents have legitimate concerns. It should be noted that SB277 - California's vaccine law - passed because of the political shenanigans and obvious conflicts of interests of Senator Richard Pan. The following articles document the political conflicts of interest when it comes to the mandatory vaccine issue:
  • Undue influence: BigPharma made huge donations to California lawmakers voting on mandatory vaccines
The Sacramento Bee is reporting that State lawmakers behind bill SB277 have ties to the makers of vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies and their trade groups gave current members of the Legislature more than $2 million. Nine of the top 20 recipients of these funds are either members of the Senate health committee, or leaders who could influence the outcome of the bill, as well as push it through to law.

One senator, in particular, is also a doctor, Richard Pan, who received more than $95,000 in campaign cash. He also just happens to be the man who wrote the bill.
"Not only does he... lack any moral character of any kind, but because this law is a primary fiscal benefit to the University of California [which] does the research and development of these vaccines and then gets paid to test these vaccines, and then gets paid to administrate these vaccines, it's a complete cash cow for the university," he said.

"To have him become a tool and a pawn of the university for the sake of generating billions and billions of dollars into the university, which is a direct benefit to the state of California... it's all about the money, folks,"he said, adding that UC Davis was also one of Pan's major campaign contributors.

"Parents do have rights, they have rights to choose what's best for their children," Blumberg said. "But, I don't think its right for them to choose to have their child unvaccinated, go to school and then pose a danger to other vaccinated children."

Comment: Corporate lobbying groups like ALEC are behind a mandatory vaccine agenda, and California is ground zero:
Over the last several months, Americans have witnessed an increase in media propaganda regarding the "dangers" of "anti-vaxxers," the "proven science of vaccines," and the "tragedies" that ensue from the failure to vaccinate. That propaganda blitz has resulted in massive hysteria stemming from similar levels of ignorance.

Also resulting from the push by Big Pharma-funded corporate media outlets is the emotional and panicked campaign of pro-vaxxers, vaccine pushers, and adherents to the relatively recent new religion of "scientism" - the religious belief in anything labeled as science or scientific, regardless of whether or not that concept directly contradicts observable reality and experience or even regardless of whether or not it is actually scientific.

The so-called vaccine debate - which is not truly a debate since a debate requires the participation of two opposing sides - is generally nothing more than a shouting and shaming campaign against parents who have come to the conclusion that vaccines are not safe, effective, or neither.