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Interview with Laura Knight-Jadczyk about her new book 911: The Ultimate Truth, a look at the deep story of the events that have so marked the last four years. Conventional explanations set 911 in the context of the so-called "Clash of Civilisations" (if you agree with the official conspiracy theory that it was carried out by 19 Arabs guided by a madman holed up in an Afghani cave) or as part of a "New Pearl Harbor" to destabilise the Middle East and to ensure US control of world oil resources (if you disagree with the official story and think it was an inside job). While control of resources and reshaping the political map in the interests of a small group played a part on one level, 911 represents the opening of the End Game in a plan that stretches back thousands of years, a game in which we are all pawns. Laura delves into 911: The Ultimate Truth.

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