Israeli demolish
© www.el-saha.comIsrael demolishes Palestinian-owned commercial building in north Jerusalem.
Israeli authorities Wednesday demolished a Palestinian-owned building in Jerusalem, as well as demolished residential structures and animal barns near Nablus, local sources said.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police accompanied by bulldozers broke into at-Tour neighborhood in the city, where they demolished a three-story building under the pretext of construction without a permit. The demolished building comprised six apartments, WAFA reported. Israeli authorities had not issued a notification regarding their intent to demolish the building.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops stormed the village of Tana, East of Nablus, and proceeded to demolish a number of Palestinian-owned residential structures and animal barns, also for being built without an Israeli permit. The village is located in Area C in the West Bank, under complete Israeli control.

Issuance of construction permits by Israeli authorities for Palestinians in Area C and in Jerusalem, unlike for Israeli settlers, requires unreasonable fees that most Palestinians cannot afford to pay. Over the course of 2015, Israel demolished 521 structures in Area C as well as in East Jerusalem, displacing 636 people, according to the UN monitoring group OCHA.

The vast majority of these demolitions were carried out on the grounds of construction without a permit. Between 2010 and 2014, only 1.5 percent of applications for building permits in Area C were approved by Israeli occupation authorities, OCHA adds.