crimea street view
© Sputnik/ Sergey Malgavko
Crimean reunification with Russia reflects the self-determination of the Black Sea peninsula's citizens, a Serbian lawmaker on a visit to Crimea said in a letter seen by Sputnik.

Bosko Obradovic, the Dveri Movement leader, made these comments in response to the Ukrainian ambassador's note of protest over the Serbian delegation's visit to Crimea. Obradovic is on a three-day visit to the peninsula with delegates from the Patriotic Block and leaders from the Democratic Party.
"Crimea's return to Russia, as well as the authority in Crimea, is not self-appointed, but is the fruit of self-determination of citizens of Crimea, who expressed their views in a referendum," Obradovic wrote on Tuesday.
Obradovic told reports on Tuesday he was proud of his visit despite possible pressure from the West.

Ukraine and the West continue regarding Crimea's reunion illegal, despite a 96 percent favorable vote to rejoin Russia by Crimean citizens in a March 2014 referendum. EU governments pressure lawmakers to avoid visiting the peninsula.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama visited Crimea in March, urging Japan to lift the sanctions against Russia and recognize the legality of the Crimean referendum. In July, a group of French lawmakers made an informal visit to the peninsula. Delegations from Italy and Hungary were also scheduled to visit the peninsula this year.