It is being reported that exercise pills are currently under development to save all the lazy couch potatoes from having to actually get up off the couch and stop watching Dancing with the Stars and football long enough to maintain circulation to a degree that they don't appear dead to onlookers.

Pills going through animal trials as we speak are set to attempt to mimic physical activity. Things like burning fat, forming new blood vessels, reinvigorating old cells and enhancing muscle fibers.

While they could be curing cancer already or, say, helping to fix some of the downright toxic, endocrine disrupting, hormone mimicking issues we have in a world where our systems are inundated with industrial byproducts and thousands of chemicals daily, the scientists over at these pharmaceutical companies would rather appeal to utterly lazy people with a new wonder drug and replace the last bastion of actual physical activity a nearly entirely computer-driven society ever sees in a day.

Via Vocativ:
The world needs exercise pills. Some of the most costly public health menaces in the United States, for instance, stem from our sedentary lifestyles, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In theory, good ol' fashioned exercise would help far more than any pill—but only if people actually did it.
Fine, fine, people don't work out as much as they should...

But really, on the flipside, how much of a fat lazy jerk would you feel like if you spent however many hundreds of dollars a month they will likely charge on these so-called exercise pills just to avoid getting off your duff?

Aren't they just reinforcing the pervasive lie we can all get something without having to work for it? This sounds like the lotto ticket of prescription meds.

Can science really trick the body into thinking it exercised with synthetic chemical compounds? Science isn't doing such a good job of tricking the body into thinking its nourished with synthetic, chemical-filled foods...