"So, we made it through 2012 and now, we've got another year notched on our belt in addition: we made it through 2013 and the world still hasn't ended. Or has it?

I would propose that the World As We Knew It ended on 11 September 2001, over 12 years ago. We don't live in the same reality anymore (in case you haven't noticed)."

~ Laura Knight-Jadczyk, 'Happy New Year 2014?'
2014 has been quite a year! The elites have pulled out all the stops on the drive to determine who will be (or continue to be) the "king of the hill" on the Big Blue Marble. We here at have taken great pleasure in bringing you a breakdown of the daily intrigue, but now we'd like to take a moment to reflect on the massive changes that have occurred throughout the year.

Overall many of the trends that we've seen played out this year slide right along with what Laura Knight-Jadczyk predicted in December of 2013:
  • Pandemics
  • Social upheaval
  • Financial meltdown
  • Climate chaos
And as we look back over the year we see that many things stayed the same: Israel butchered Palestinians, NATO armed terrorist groups and financed their enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the West continued to disintegrate. Israel and NATO combined to put the lives of 15 million children in terrible jeopardy. But overall the trend towards the emergence of a new economic order seemed to arch over all of these developments "on the ground".

In concert with the political chaos, social chaos continued this year with dozens of popular anti-austerity and anti-establishment protests around the world, including major protests in the US against the pervasive police brutality that afflicts that nation.

The earth continued to groan and shake, and each of us has faced difficult decisions that have shaped our futures. In this article we'll remind you of major events in our cosmic and planetary environment, in the global geopolitical sphere and the effects it may be having on the human level. Hold on for a wild ride through the year of 2014!

Syria and ISIS

After the US' attempt to launch a war on Syria was thwarted by Putin's diplomacy in 2013, the Washington warmongers regrouped and let loose their ISISTM frankenstein creation. According to Lebanese billionaire Saad Hariri, the green light for the use of ISIS brigades to carve up Iraq, widen the Syria conflict into a greater Middle East war and to throw Iran off-balance was given behind closed doors at a meeting in Turkey of the Washington-based Atlantic Council in November 2013. Along with the United States, ISIS receives support from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, NATO member states including Turkey and the UK - the same countries that later formed a coalition proclaiming to fight ISIS, all in an attempt to hide their support of this terrorist-proxy group. Clever, huh? For more see Seymour Hersh's article: Subverting Syria: How CIA Contra Gangs and NGO's Manufacture, Mislabel and Market Mass Murder

"Winter" wildfires

California smashed its previous record year for wildfires (2013) by JULY of 2014, with a spate of 'fire-nados' breaking out around San Diego in May. These came to an end when the so-called 'Pineapple Express' brought non-stop rain late in the year. Floods are no use to Californians, however. In the midst of a "worst in 1,200 years" drought, it's estimated they need to find about 11 trillion gallons of freshwater from somewhere to sustain current needs.

A 'fire-nado' in San Diego, May 2014
While wildfires are generally associated with hot, dry conditions, an astonishing number of wildfires in 2014 occurred in Arctic regions or cold mountain ranges - Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Tibet and Norway - during Winter and early Spring. Wildfires in the dead of winter were burning next to frozen creeks in Washington state, and in rain-soaked Wales. Three feet of snow hit Denver in the Fall, despite massive wildfires breaking out elsewhere in the Rockies. How could this happen?

A key factor seems to be methane outgassing, which is being recorded all over the place but is especially prevalent at the planet's polar regions. The discovery of hundreds of new methane plumes off the Northeastern U.S. coast coincided with researchers reporting a major increase in methane outgassing in the Arctic. Another key factor is something to 'spark' these fires. Arson is typically blamed, but the culpritis more likely to be lightning, which Global Warmists 'predict will increase' but which is apparently already increasing.

A reworked protest sign for Michelle Obama
Libya, Boko Haram and beyond

Libya entered into a state of free fall collapse and this year saw the heaviest fighting since NATO's destruction of Libya and murder of Gaddafi in 2011. The current government is only known in name and warring factions push the country towards disintegration as civil wars envelope the oil rich region and beyond. The Western-sponsored terrorists who did the dirty work in 2011 overtook much of the country this year, and now CIA asset General Kalifer Hafter has been charged with supposedly reclaiming Libya for NATO.

While the events in Libya received little to no attention from Western media, readers will likely remember the overwhelming coverage given to Boko Haram. Who is responsible for the crimes of Boko Haram? Who is responsible for the murders and kidnappings? They could not be carried out without organization and money. In the article "Clinton, Obama and Boko Haram - Yup we armed them and let them run wild" we find an abundance of evidence that the US/NATO/Israel are responsible for their crimes. Boko Haram had been attacking and killing students and local villagers with NATO's funding and approval for several years, with nearly 800 murdered in 2012 alone, and 10,000 dead since 2009. The central government of Nigeria worked as the glove for the Empire of Chaos' hand, murdering civilians and keeping the region divided and conquered for the oil-hungry NATO.

Thus it sadly came as no real surprise when it turned out that the April kidnapping of 300 girls from a school in the Nigerian town of Chibok was known in advance by the Nigerian military. Likely under orders, they just chose not to do anything about it. The military continued to bumble any sort of rescue attempt, leaving Nigerians furious yet with little means to do anything themselves.

Serious Sinkholes

'Dude, where's my car?' A sinkhole swallows several cars in Chicago, April 2014
Major sinkholes are still opening up around the world, but in 2014 they progressed from swallowing cars and individuals to swallowing whole streets and settlements in Brazil, Baltimore and Bosnia. As strong storms receded, a spate of sinkholes opened up across the UK early 2014. In addition to incidents where the ground suddenly gave way, a number of holes 'exploded' into being. Remember those 'crater-holes' in Siberia? Something similar appeared in Utah in August, and witnesses reported a 100-foot-wide sinkhole in Florida "exploding up into the air" in July.

© Desconocido
Zionist Mass Murder

Early in 2014 plans were in place for a Palestinian unity government. When that government was sworn in in June, Netanyahu warned/threatened the whole world against recognizing it because, he claimed, it 'opened the door to terrorism'. In reality Netanyahu was concerned that a united Palestinian front committed to achieving Palestinian rights through peaceful processes would make it much more difficult for the Israelis to justify their Apartheid state. It might also lead to Israel losing all that Palestinian gas.

Right on time, Israeli teenagers were conveniently abducted and killed by persons unknown, and the finger pointed at Hamas.

Israel unleashed Operation Protective Edge on the people of Gaza, destroying entire cities, devastating Palestinian industry, agricultural and fishing sectors, crippling water supplies, and bombing hospitals and UN-designated refugee centers at schools. The UN reported that by the end of the 50-day onslaught, 2131 (mostly civilian) Palestinians were killed, 11,100 were wounded and an estimated 485,000 displaced.

The devastation was unspeakable, yet Israelis responded to the slaughter with psychopathic glee:

Scene from Sderot in July 2014. Israelis cheer and clap from lawn chairs as they witness the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
Clearly, Israelis were not threatened by Hamas' bottle rockets. An excellent video surfaced that provides evidence that the "rockets" intercepted by the Iron Dome missile shield, so "dangerous" to Israel's "security", were simply fireworks. The entire "rocket attack" scenario was made up out of thin air:

As thousands worldwide protested Zionist atrocities, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, providing a useful distraction for the Israeli government.

EQ-related? This 1km-long/8meter-deep fissure opened near Costa de Hermosillo, Sonora State, Mexico on August 15th, 2014.
Extra Earthquakes

The upwards trend in earthquakes continued in 2014, with April seeing the highest number of strong earthquakes recorded globally for one month. As South Africa was hit by its strongest quake in 45 years, Californians moved one step closer to 'the big one'; the state had its strongest earthquake in 25 years. But it's the hundreds of swarms of small quakes in locations that don't generally experience them that is really making people sit up and take notice. Fracking is probably partly responsible for this in the U.S., but keep in mind that the increasing rate of earthquakes is a global phenomenon.

The Ontake volcanic eruption in Japan claimed the lives of dozens of climbers
Violent Volcanoes

2013 saw a record number of volcanic eruptions, globally, for the modern era. 2014's eruptions have yet to be tabulated, but it's looking like it might set a new record. Colima Volcano in Mexico, and Pavlof in Alaska, each sending ash plumes several kilometers high, while lava flows from Hawaii's Kilauea and Cape Verde's Fire Island destroyed homes. There were a number of spectacular volcanic eruptions, notably Tavurvur Volcano in Papua New Guinea and Ontake Volcano in Japan, which took dozens of climbers' lives. Meanwhile, Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano erupted for the first time in 150 years and Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland has given the country its biggest continuous eruption since 1784.

It's not just volcanoes coming to life; mountains too appear to be shaking and quaking. At least two horrifying rockfalls in China blocked highways; landslides buried whole villages in Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia; dislodged boulders knocked trains off tracks in France and Switzerland; and an avalanche in the Himalayas took trekkers by surprise, claiming 43 lives - a record number of fatalities from one event - and requiring the rescue of over 500 people.

Poverty increases in the "affluent" West

In 2014, French unemployment rose nearly 6% since 2013 to leave almost 3 million individuals without work. Italy saw an increase in unemployment as well, putting it at a record high. In the UK one million more Britons were plunged into poverty in 2014, due to high costs of living and low wages. During one session of parliament, British politicians openly laughed as one MP detailed the stark rising in British families being forced to use food banks to feed their children.

In America approximately 80% of the population were near or below the poverty line in 2014, with 50 million below it. The number of children living in poverty reached a record high, with some states like Missouri seeing 31% of children living in poverty. With nearly 500,000 homeless children in the state of California alone, the number of homeless children in America rose 50% in under 10 years.

Greece, Lavtia, Croatia, Ireland and Iceland witnessed child poverty increase by more than 50 percent. There wasn't any more social mobility in America than in Medieval England. The system broke, and it couldn't be fixed.

This year it was estimated that up to 150,000 children had been abducted into the sex trade in America. In the UK 60% of girls aged 13 to 21 reported having been sexually harassed, with 20% reporting unwanted touching. At the University of San Diego fraternity activities were shut down following the 7th rape allegation. One fraternity went so far as to and throw eggs and wave sex toys at students protesting sexual assault. One in five, or 20%, of women reported being sexually assaulted while in college. In the past 3 years the number of reported sexual assaults rose by 50%.

Yet America continued to blame rape victims, as in the case of the UVA rape of "Jackie" - and they did it with smug satisfaction.

Downtown Genoa following a flash-flood in 2014
"Monsoon season", everywhere

A succession of hurricane-force storms drenched the UK and Western Europe with giant waves and record flooding throughout January and February. England hadn't seen the level of flooding that hit it in January and February 2014 since the reign of 'Mad' King George III, in 1795. The UK's wettest year on record was the year 2000. Its second-wettest was 2012. In fact, four out of the five wettest years in Britain - which has pretty reliable record-keeping going back several hundred years - have occurred in last 12 years.

The most active Pacific Hurricane season since 1992 saw Mexico and the southwestern U.S. pounded by near-constant 'monsoons' during the Fall, wiping away highways from New Mexico to Nevada and devastating the holiday resort of Los Cabos in Baja California. Up to 13 inches of rain fell from coast to coast throughout the Summer and fall months. Latin America also experienced widespread flooding, while Malaysia saw "its worst flooding in decades." In May, the Balkans suffered its worst flooding "since record-keeping began", while scenes of cars piled 15 high in famous city squares is becoming all too common across Europe.

Crimeans celebrate joining the Russian Federation
The Ukrainian "Crisis"

In February, Russia was in the spotlight, hosting its first ever Winter Olympics. But Western nations and their media chose to focus more on bashing Russia over its so called 'anti-gay law'. The truth is that the 'anti-gay' bill in question does not even mention homosexuality and the 'Russian threat' to gay rights is simply part of the West's black propaganda war against Russia. For a complete breakdown of the law see Russian Federation Anti-Gay Laws: An Analysis & Deconstruction.

It was no coincidence that while the Sochi Olymics ran from February 7th to February 23rd, the Euromaidan protests in Kiev turned violent from February 18th to February 23rd, forcing the ouster of President Yanukovych and the installation of a Ukrainian government that was hand-picked by US State Department officials. Evidence suggests that the 'Maidan' protests, which began in November 2013, were largely the work of US-based NGOs, and that the shootings on February 19th and 20th, that killed both protestors and policemen, were also the work of a single group of Western agent provocateurs.

In response to NATO's open aggression against legitimate Russian interests in Ukraine, President Putin moved quickly to secure Crimea with its majority Russian population and Russian Black Sea fleet. A referendum was held that returned a 97% 'yes' vote for Crimea to join the Russian Federation. Russian-speaking citizens in the Eastern Ukraine Donbass and Luhansk Oblasts viewed the developments in Kiev with alarm, particularly the fact that the the new NATO-aligned Kiev regime was virulently anti-Russian and infused with Nazi elements. Donbass and Luhansk residents held their own referendums and declared independence. A civil war began with the Kiev regime committing many atrocities against the civilian population. To date, at least 2,000 civilians have been killed in Eastern Ukraine by NATO's new proxy forces from Kiev. The fact that the Kiev troops had been regularly beheading their captives draws a direct parallel to NATO's other proxy forces in the Middle East.

Frozen over: Chicago from the air in February 2014
Extreme Cold

Early in 2014, cold temperature and century-old snowfall records were broken across the U.S. as a 'polar vortex' gripped the entire Eastern half of the nation in ice age conditions. The Great Lakes almost completely froze over. While the Global Warmists claim that 2014 was "the warmest year ever", their research vessels became frozen in record-breaking Antarctic sea ice and a 'polar vortex' hung over North America for pretty much the entire year. Even July in 2014 was the coldest ever for many central U.S. states.

Winter returned with record early cold temperatures and by mid-November so much snow had fallen that the Northern Hemisphere recorded its greatest snow cover extent since the beginning of the satellite age. Monster snowstorms dumped entire annual snowfall averages in many parts of the U.S., not least the city of Buffalo, New York, which was buried under 7 feet (2.25 meters) of snow. Most of Russia east of Moscow and northern China saw no different.

'Hands up, don't shoot'
USA Police Brutality

2014 was the year that US police forces notched up more murders of American citizens than were killed in Iraq. A few notable incidents of psycho-police gone wild include: In July, Eric Garner was strangled to death by a NY cop. Despite that the murder was recorded on video camera, the cop in question walked free.

On August 9th, police officer Darren Wilson shot an unarmed Michael Brown and left him in the street for hours in Ferguson, Missouri. Wilson and fellow officers then broke standard police procedures in the aftermath of a shooting, and just simply cleaned up and left. Wilson later lied to the Grand Jury and the prosecutor also manipulated the jury into believing that Missouri police officers can legally shoot and kill a suspect simply because they are running way.

Protesters took to the streets. The Pentagon fully militarized the police while the media spun it into a racial issue. Agent provocateurs, called "looters" by the media, soon gave police and the National Guard the excuse to turn Ferguson into a war-zone. The farcical "trial" and clearing of Wilson ignited a series of protests against police brutality across the USA that continued into December.


No that's not Kansas, that's Algeria
While the total number of tornadoes in the U.S. this year was below average, the phrase 'tornado season' is now meaningless - they are occurring all year round. Most remarkable about tornadoes these days is that they're appearing in places they wouldn't normally. France had a record year for them. Istanbul, Turkey saw 3 waterspouts in 3 successive months. Outbreaks of waterspouts off Genoa, Italy and Malaga, Spain saw one or two cause damage onshore.

And twisters aren't just affecting warm coastal regions. Destructive tornadoes hit inland South Africa, Algeria, and Argentina. There were several in Malaysia, a monster twister in Mongolia, another in Vietnam, a "first ever" in Korea, at least 3 in The Netherlands, up to 10 in Italy, a couple in Germany, and several off the coast of Sweden and Norway. NORWAY, for goodness' sake!

MH17 Shoot down

On July 17th, during one of the many ceasefires in East Ukraine, Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was allegedly shot down by "Russian-backed separatists" (via the modern miracle of Western lies) using a BUK system that was in the hands of the Ukrainian military at the time. Western media immediately jumped to blame Russia, calling Putin a murderer and comparing Russia to Hitler's Germany. Meanwhile Kiev concealed critical information - especially the air traffic controller's record.

A collection of the actual evidence strongly suggests that MH17 was deliberately shot down by a jet of unknown origin, specifically for the purpose of demonizing Russia and attempting to 'shame' it into backing off on its support for the East Ukrainian people. Western governments covered their asses by announcing that the official investigation into what happened to MH17 will be classified.

Monster hail

Increased hail seems to be one direct result of increased precipitation (due in part to the oceans warming from below) meeting a cooling atmosphere. From tropical Sao Paulo to sunny Spain, temperate Tokyo to balmy Brisbane, baseball-sized hail was measured in feet as countless devastating hailstorms hit every continent in every season. Skyscraper windows were smashed in Bulgaria, mounds of ice made roads impassable in Mexico City, 'ice-rivers' flowed through Florence in September.

Kids play in mounds of hail in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Protests in Mexico against the mass execution of students
Mexican Mass Murder

43 students on their way to protest the Mexican town of Iguala's political leadership disappeared on September 26th. The bodies of all 43 students were eventually discovered and the Guerreros Unidos gang was accused of murdering them. As people continued to search, they continued to find more mass graves of people completely unrelated to the students' disappearance.

Mexico's Attorney General publicly naming Iguala's mayor's wife as the "'principal operator' of the Guerreros Unidos, and said that she, together with her husband, ran the group's illegal activities right out of Iguala's city hall." The mayor fled, and was later apprehended while two more mayors followed back to back, attempting to calm the public while the psychos figured out what to do. Amnesty International published a report accusing Mexico's Attorney General of minimizing the mass murder and pointing out that this was state crime.

© SOTT.netAfter American Meteor Society Fireball Logs
Space weather

The rate of increase in meteor fireball events over the U.S. slowed down in 2014 (3,628 fireball events) relative to their explosive rise in 2013 (3,563 fireball events). The following chart is based on data from the American Meteor Society's Fireball Logs:

A relatively calm spell from May to September was rudely awoken in September when large meteor fireball events lit up the night skies across swathes of the U.S., Latin America, Russia, Europe and Asia. A couple such events - in Brazil and Russia - appeared to 'set the sky on fire'.

Increasing 'mystery booms', meanwhile, continue to confound 'the experts'. Most 'booms' - incorrectly attributed to earthquakes (although seismometers can pick up the resulting tremors) or military jets breaking the sound barrier - are probably incoming space rocks exploding in the atmosphere. Some of these booms, however, appear to be related to seismic activity, occurring either before, during or after earthquakes.

© ESAChanges measured by the Swarm satellite over the first 6 months of 2014 shows Earth's magnetic field strength changing. Shades of red show areas where it is strengthening, and shades of blue show areas that are weakening.
In July it was announced that the planet's EM field is "dropping 10 times faster than previously thought", especially over North America. For all the excitement generated by observers of NASA solar flares footage, the Sun remains eerily quiet given that we're currently at Solar Maximum in Sunspot Cycle 24.

Following comet impacts on Jupiter in recent years, astronomers watched with some trepidation as Comet Siding-Spring swung by Mars in a "once-in-a-million-years" event in October. There was no direct impact, but the comet's tail brushed the Red Planet, generating thousands of meteors and causing the atmosphere to 'glow'. Methane outgassing was also observed on Mars for the first time, suggesting our neighbor too is rocking and rolling.

"Extreme storms" erupted on Uranus this year. There was also increased volcanic activity on Jupiter's moon Io. Saturn's moon Mimas began wobbling unexpectedly, and the major increase in asteroid activity has seen MIT astronomers upgrade the solar system from "stable" to "dynamic".

Canadian "ISIS" attack

On October 21st-22nd, two terrorist-proxy plots designed to garner public support for Canadian military involvement in bombing Iraq and Syria went live when Martin Couture-Rouleau hit two Canadian soldiers with his car in Quebec. The following day Michael Zehaf-Bibeau went on a shooting spree in Ottawa. The event was like something scripted in a Hollywood studio, going so far as to include the triumphant (and unlikely) back-to-back shoot-out between police and suspect. One major problem with the narrative however was that the "bullet holes" in an alcove wall in the Canadian parliament building that were offered as evidence of the shoot out can be seen on google maps from at least one year earlier. Oops. But the goal was accomplished, and Canadians lost more of their civil rights.

Dead whale washes ashore on Smith Point Beach in Suffolk County, New York, October 9, 2014.
The Great Dying

There was some truly weird animal behaviour in 2014, notably atypical attacks on humans by a wide variety of creatures, both wild and captive. Attacks were carried out by diverse species (some usually wary of man), including elephant, dolphin, camel, seal, sea lion, jackal, hyena, wildebeest, wild boar, musk ox, wolf, leopard, fisher, camel, kangaroo, koala, otter, beaver, lynx, bobcat, cougar, coyote, chimpanzee, baboon, monkey, owl, cow, dog, rat and anteater (among others). Our dedicated Animal topic page hosts a collection of relevant reports into 'animals gone berserk'.

All year long we've seen report after report of pods of deepwater whales seeking shallow waters, multiple whale species washing up dead on every continent, and huge numbers of dead wildlife being found in freshwater locations and along coasts. The scale of it is harrowing. What else can it point to but that another Great Dying is underway?

The American Way
USA - Torture Inc.

2014 was the year that the US government officially admitted that its agents had tortured many people, and many of them were innocent. Obama summed it up by saying "we tortured some folks."

Despite the fact that the CIA's torture included US soldiers raping Iraqi children in front of their mothers and other Iraqis being raped by dogs, according to a poll, almost 60% of American citizens approved of such treatment of innocent people.

Rigged Referendums

In September, Scots went to the polls to vote for independence from the United Kingdom and to massively increase their own wealth through the nationalization of Scottish oil fields. While it appeared that a vast majority of Scots were planning to vote 'Yes' to freedom from the pedophiles in power in London, a shock result returned 53% against. Evidence soon emerged of a Westminster plot to rig the vote, which was hardly surprising.

Rise of an alternative world order

The BRICS nations constitute "some 45% of the world population and close to 30% of global GDP." So when, in July of 2014, the BRICS nations created their own anti-dollar bank the "Neo-Con World Order" lunatics must have been having seizures. Called the New Development Bank, it's certainly not a replacement for the Western predator model yet, with only $100 billion in reserve at the time of its creation, but its creation signaled another step in the revolution. In tandem China and India created the new Asia Infrastructure Bank, which would rival the IMF.

Russia and China signed another mega gas deal for 30 billion cubic meters per year and the game was on for Russia and China to ink a trillion dollar pipeline deal.

The US reacted to these developments by waging economic war on Russia and its allies - sanctioning individuals close to Putin and significantly decreasing the price in oil. Though the US put their own fracking industry at risk by the huge drop in oil prices, they also managed to hurt the ruble and the Russian economy, causing an artificial collapse. China pledged to step in if needed, committing themselves more deeply to their Russian partnership and fully aware that this collapse was an act of economic terrorism.

The Russian populace would not flinch, and neither would Russian leadership. As 2014 came to a close, the ruble had bounced back and BRICS was planing a new round of talks and strategic agreements for 2015. Meanwhile, the US Congress continued to squeal like a bunch of pigs on the way to the slaughter house.


As geopolitical chaos continued to grow the worst outbreak of Ebola in recorded history emerged and shocked the world. March 22nd saw 50 deaths confirmed as Ebola in Guinea - two cases in Sierra Leone were suspected of it, but were not confirmed until the 26th. From there chaos began to ensue, with mobs attacking clinics and terror gripping the local population. By late June 350 deaths had been recorded, the outbreak was declared "unprecedented," and massive resources were called for. The US responded by sending troops, never letting a crisis go to waste to advance its imperial agenda.

By the end of the year, nearly 8,000 had been declared dead. The official case fatality rate is 53%, although it could in fact be as high as 84%.

High Strangeness: UFOs and missing planes

2014 saw an increase in reports of UFO sightings, not just in the U.S. but globally. In the latter part of 2014, news broadcasts inadvertently caught UFOs on several occasions, at least some of which cannot be chalked down to lens artifacts, flocks of birds, Chinese lanterns or aircraft, even though media outlets alternately explain them away or affirm their 'ET reality' without going into the possible implications. Here is some memorable footage of an apparent UFO filmed at the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on September 30th 2014, and a couple of startling UFO videos from France. Finally, an extraordinary display over Houston, Texas during an electrical storm in August.

The most incredible High Strangeness event of the year, however, must be set aside for Flight MH370. The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight apparently vanished into thin air on March 8th, 2014. When a commercial jet carrying over 200 people vanishes without a trace, especially in this age of hi-tech, you're really left with little option but to file it with the Weird Desk. One of the largest international search and rescue operations ever mounted has yielded not one solid clue as to where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing is, nor what happened to it.


Psychopaths don't let go of their food source without a fight, so expect 2015 to be a wild ride. But there is reason to hope. To the reader this might seem strange after so many years of having their "hope" manipulated and juiced. After all, those individuals with the curiosity and bravery to spurn the lies of the psychopathic elite have found themselves faced with a hopeless situation. The war machine seemed unstoppable, the economy was built to grind people into dust, torture was rampant, and society was so apathetic and depraved that little to nothing could be done about it. Hope was for fools.

But throughout 2014 the peoples of the earth who suffered terribly under the psychopathic Western system continued to show that they'd learned the lesson of dealing with the machine. Whether in Latin America, South America, Russia, or China, the strategy of a patient escape began to bear fruit. And, aware of the machinations of the psychopaths in power, BRICS continued to show that they knew the game and could play it better than the psychos who thought they'd already won.

Therefore, in 2015, there is reason to allow ourselves a glimmer of hope. Even if, especially if, there is a collapse of the Western system, there is a chance for justice after all. And to all those truth seekers out there, what else have we been hoping for all along?

Happy New Year to you all!