Really think the elites (bankers, multinationals, oil companies) don't approve of the AGW carbon control agenda? The proof is in the protests.

G-20 protests Toronto
G20 protest Toronto

G20 protest Toronto
G20 protest Toronto

A USMC VH-60 Blackhawk flies through Toronto's financial district, hovering over Union Station at a very low altitude, between the skyscrapers at 1pm on June 23rd, 2010.
Pittsburgh G20
Pittsburgh G20
Pittsburgh G20

Protestors face menacing police, dressed like state sponsored terrorizers
Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland
Anti-NATO protest Cardiff

Protests that barely gathered any mainstream media mention


Oh look, protestors in their free speech zone.
Now let's contrast the news coverage and imagery when an elite approved "protest" is happening.

"Climate Change" protests:

The climate change meme alone is so inane. It means absolutely nothing. "Fight climate change" Empty wording. Your perception has been manipulated into associating with a whole lot of unrelated information and happenings.
The climate always changes. How is anyone going to fight that which occurs naturally? Has always and will always occur naturally.

What is different from the elite/state sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests compared to the merely & barely tolerated exercises in free speech/ protests attempted by the anti NATO/Anti-G20/Occupy protestors? I'll make a short list for you at the end.

climate change protest
climate change protest
climate change protest

Token environmentalist (Jane Goodall) to add legitimacy, and the New York mayor; Al Gore - world's first carbon billionaire and environment destroyer! ; Ban Ki Moon - a man who never met a war & all the environmental destruction included, that he didn't like
The differences between the elite approved and non-elite approved protests' should be obvious but I will list some of them.

A list of differences elite sanctioned vs non-elite sanctioned protests:

Turn out size
Since the elite sanctioned 'climate change' protests have money behind them. Lots of money. They can bring busloads of people in from all over the place. Those protestors have no fear of being gassed by law enforcement and need not worry about protective attire.
Banners and Placards
Carried by the protestors in the elite sanctioned protests vs the non-elite sanctioned protests. As you can see: ABUNDANT, COLOURFUL, MANY PROFESSIONALY DONE at the state sanctioned, elite approved protests. Again, a reflection of the funding for elite sanctioned protests. At the non elite sanctioned protests? Not too much in the way of professional colour placards and banners because there is NO money supporting these protests.
Big name politicians and high profile actors supporting the protestors
The elite sanctioned 'fight climate change' protests feature big name politicians including Al Whore, Ban Ki Moon, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. The non elite sanctioned protests feature no one of any status- just the people. People like you and I.
Media coverage
Elite approved 'fight climate change' protests vs non elite approved G20/Occupy/Anti-NATO protests?
I searched climate change in the news section of google- 6 million results - 5,950,000 results (0.17 seconds)"
Almost all of it glowing, colourful, happy & positive.
-Contrast the elite sanctioned protest media coverage with the non elite sanctioned protest media coverage?
-G-20, Anti NATO & Occupy protestors were always portrayed negatively.
-Constant mentions of anarchists and destruction.
-Protestors were presented in a menacing fashion.
-That is, if the protests were covered at all by the main stream media?
You really think big business, banks and big oil are against the carbon control agenda? Think again!

One last thought

Where are the anti-capitalist/anti globalist 'anarchists'? You know, the ones that show up at G20 and other anti-globalization protests, thereby justifying the heavy handed police responses? Shouldn't they make an appearance at the 'fight climate change' protests? Ya know, to stick it to the elites?! To protest the oil giants? Why are they missing in action when it comes to taking on the powerful global corporations that they are sooo against?
(I know, I know, not necessary when the elites, the ptb's, support the agenda. But their absence does make the usual scam more obvious)