A curated list of educational and entertaining videos on the dangers of added sugar consumption, all produced either by friends of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition, including some featuring our own Board President, Dr. Robert Lustig, author of Fat Chance and most recently appearing in the documentary Fed Up.
Sugar is Killing Us is a campaign to spread information about the negative effects of sugar and empower people to make better food choices.

While sugar is easy to spot in candy, soft drinks and ice cream, it also hides out in foods you might not expect -- including peanut butter, pasta sauce and even bologna! Robert Lustig decodes confusing labels and sugar's many aliases to help determine just how much of that sweet carbohydrate makes its way into our diets.

The Tremendousness Collective, a visual storytelling firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, designed this explanatory video to help people understand the cold, hard facts about what the over-consumption of added sugars does to our health.

Did you know that The American Heart Association's daily recommended sugar allowance is 36 grams for men, 20 grams for women, and 12 grams for kids?

Did you know that our daily intake averages 95 grams?

We have a serious problem.

There are about 600,000 different packaged food items in grocery stores today - and 80% of them contain added sugars.

But our goal was to make a short film that didn't just trot out the sugar quantities in our food; we wanted to tell this story on a more personal level so people can see themselves - and their friends and families - in it.

We're especially grateful for advice and information from Gary Taubes. His expertise helped guide us in making a movie we hope will become a conversation starter for people everywhere.