Snow on car
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One-and-a-half meters of snow in some places.

"We have snow at 100 meters (330 ft) in the southern part of the peninsula, and one dead due to the cold," says geologist Mirco Poletto in Italy.

"Snow in the Marche and Puglia, and a snow alert Romagna. Abruzzo buried under the snow. Schools closed in many municipalities. Whitewashed also Foggiano. Snow falling in L'Aquila."

Arctic cold air invading Italy from the Adriatic regions. Snowfalls are underway at very low elevations (100m) of Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia and Basilicata, and the situation is expected to get worse during the afternoon and evening. At night, all regions of the Adriatic from Rimini to Puglia will be affected by snowfalls at low altitudes , even as rain mixed with snow even along the coast of Abruzzo. Wednesday begins in the north with cold -5 ° C, while snowfall will continue at low altitudes over the entire Adriatic coast and also Umbria .

Abruzzo in the grip - The snow fall in Pescara is causing much inconvenience that it requires the intervention of the fire brigade and to close schools in some municipalities such as L' Aquila , Chieti, Spoltore , Città Sant'Angelo , Pianella and da Casauria

Following the abundant snowfall, the mayors of Canosa Sannita , BSP and Orsogna have ordered the closure of schools. The snow also has whitened the mountains to the coast around the Teramano. Here also closed schools in different municipalities. Firefighters have been working since last night to recover cars and trucks..

Problems in the Marches - Bad weather continues to hit the Marches. Snow, wind and rough seas brought by the passage of Attila. It snows especially in the southern part of the region, with disruption to traffic in the hinterland and border crossings . The snowpack has reached 25 inches in height in the area of Camerino (Macerata ) and Montegallo (Ascoli Piceno). Reopened the toll motorway A14 closed as a result of snowfall since last night affecting the Adriatic coast. Discomfort also for the 40 inches of snow fell in the last hours in the hilly interior

One dead in Veneto - Frost and ice in the Veneto in the space of a few hours. Temperatures dive, with values ​​7 degrees less than average tonight. Treviso and Verona came to -4 degrees Celsius. Other cities of the Veneto dropped to -1 degrees and zero, according to data provided by ' Arpav. In terms of news, there is the death of a homeless Musile di Piave (Venice) , a German aged 58 , found dead under a bridge .

Snow in Bari - Came the first snow in the province of Foggia, Dauni Mountains and also on the Gargano . The first flakes began to fall yesterday night and the snow continued to fall until this morning especially on the higher centers to 600 meters .

Schools closed in Molise - Schools closed tomorrow in Molise, with the exception of the coastal municipalities . The snow, falling abundant even at low altitude , is creating considerable discomfort to transport. Closed for several hours between the rail and Termoli Campobasso to a fallen tree on the tracks.

Snowfall a meter and a half

The roads to reach common share of Alto Molise were banned from circulation, due to the heavy rainfall in some places , have accumulated over a meter and a half of white blanket . Dozens of firefighters work to rescue stranded motorists on the arteries of the two provinces.

Difficulty in the Salerno - Snowfall , between last night and this morning , around the Vallo di Diano , south of Salerno. The centers are most affected Montesano , Caggiano , Buonabitacolo and , above all, in Sanza where the mercury fell to -7 and the snow reached 15 centimeters in height . There has been disruption to vehicular traffic , especially in mountain towns . Schools closed in Teggiano and in Monte San Giacomo . Schools semi-desert , this morning , in the other municipalities .

Coldiretti: Damage to crops - Extensive damage to crops sown in autumn. It 's the estimate made by Coldiretti that vegetation was not at all prepared for the sudden drop in temperature because many plants still have their leaves.

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