The giant sheet of ice crashed down on top of the 4x4 completely caving in the roof and showering onlookers with snow

This terrifying clip shows a Range Rover driving down a street when it is smashed by an AVALANCHE that appears to come out of nowhere.

Winter driving conditions are never easy to negotiate, but this shocking video shows what this Chinese driver in Harbin in the northeast of the country, had to go through.

Harbin is known as Ice City and true to form the huge sheet of ice apparently slid off a nearby roof and crashed on to the 4x4 causing a giant snow cloud which showered onlookers.

The force of the impact was so severe that the snow actually caved in the roof of the famously sturdy vehicle setting off the airbag.

From the after pictures it appears that no one was seriously hurt in the incident but the sheer scale of the damage is there for all to see.

Harbin is nicknamed the 'Ice City' for its extreme low temperatures, but it is currently in the midst of the worst blizzard in 50 years, a storm which has claimed four lives.