Former US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated downtown Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.
I recently published an article entitled: "Confession, jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK."

But though we know that the CIA was at the center of the coup d'état against John F. Kennedy, the details have not all been resolved. Specifically, we do not know everything about the precise chain of command, whose idea it was in the first place, and which powerful figures proposed or signed off on the assassination. And we do not know everything about the relative power levels of the various players: who sought whose okay, who was giving orders and who was taking them, who was paying whom, and so on.

My recent radio guest Dr. Laurent Guyénot believes that Michael Collins Piper's thesis - that Israel and its global Zionist crime syndicate were major players if not THE main player in the JFK assassination - must be taken seriously.

Israel had a powerful motive. According to a recent Jerusalem Post article:
"History shows that some issues are so critical that even the president of the United States cannot force Israel's hand... The sharpest example took place almost 50 years ago, when John F. Kennedy demanded that David Ben-Gurion end Israel's nuclear deterrent program, deemed necessary to ensure Jewish survival in a very hostile world."
Ben Gurion haughtily refused to answer JFK's letter demanding that Israel abandon its nuclear aspirations. Instead, he resigned. Six months later, JFK was publicly executed. A few years after that, Ben Gurion got his nuclear weapons... and his longed-for war of aggression to steal Jerusalem.

Those who see the Zionists as prime movers in the JFK assassination argue that none of the other anti-JFK factions had such an overpoweringly existential motive, nor a track record of such wildly reckless deception and violence. Without Zionist involvement, the US military, CIA, and organized crime might have pushed back against JFK using gentler means.

Were the Zionists really in a position to set the JFK assassination wheels in motion? Skeptics argue that Israel is just a tiny entity of eight million people, so it is preposterous to imagine that it is dominating the US empire or steering history. Yet the facts are otherwise: The tiny Zionist entity of eight million people, together with its millions of fanatical loyalists all over the world, clearly dominates US foreign policy, and has done so since the murder of JFK. It seems that the JFK coup d'état was a turning point: The Eisenhower and Kennedy presidencies ran independent foreign policies focused on US interests not Israeli interests. But since the slaughter of the Kennedys, the US has been an abject slave of Israel.

Comment: Actually, Zionist influence in U.S. foreign policy pre-dates WW2. See Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

The Controversy of Zion - One of the most controversial books ever written

How could the Israelis have engineered a coup d'état in America? Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment suggests that the power of money - and the treason of CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton - are the keys to understanding the real chain of command behind the JFK assassination.

James Jesus Angleton was the CIA's liaison to the Mossad - and a de facto Mossad mole. As Guyénot reminds us:
"Angleton's closest professional friends overseas [...] came from the Mossad and [...] he was held in immense esteem by his Israeli colleagues and by the state of Israel, which was to award him profound honors after his death."
As CIA counterintelligence chief, Angleton would have "authorized" the killing of JFK by convincing other CIA and military figures that JFK was a knowing or unknowing agent of the communists. He quite likely did this at the instigation of his Israeli friends. Once JFK had been deemed a traitor and an enemy agent by CIA counterintelligence, Agency underlings could be mobilized against their Commander-in-Chief.

After the assassination, Angleton led a diversionary operation falsely blaming the Russians. Chief Justice Earl Warren was convinced to cover up the conspiracy against JFK after he was told that the Russians were behind the killing, and if the truth came out, the result would be thermonuclear war.

Besides owning America's counterintelligence chief, the Zionists had another trump card in their designs on JFK's life: The power of money, especially the dirty money that fuels the covert operations of the CIA and its organized crime partners. Michael Collins Piper explains that when we "follow the money" behind the JFK assassination, we find Zionists holding the purse strings.

New Orleans DA Jim Garrison discovered that the covert operators behind the JFK coup were financed by a black-ops bank called Permindex, a subsidiary of a Swiss bank owned by legendary Mossad financier Tibor Rosenbaum. Permindex itself was chaired by Louis M. Bloomfield, the Israel lobby chieftain and kingpin of the Bronfman family of Canada. The Bronfmans have long been associated with Meyer Lansky's crime syndicate, and are one of the biggest "money powers" behind Israel.

So the Zionists were at the top of the money pyramid that "owned" the CIA black operators. They also owned the organized crime elements that participated in the assassination.

It turns out that Rosenbaum's Swiss bank was not only financing CIA black ops, including the JFK murder, but was also mob chieftain Meyer Lansky's prime "money laundry." (Lansky was the head of all organized crime in America, because he controlled the purse strings.)

It is telling that high-level Israeli CIA mole James Jesus Angleton has managed to stay largely off the radar screen of most JFK assassination investigators, while mid-level guys like Howard Hunt and William Harvey, and low-level guys like Frank Sturgis and David Sanchez Morales, have been widely pilloried for their roles in the JFK killing. Likewise, lower level crime bosses Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana got whacked before they could testify to the House Select Committee on Assassinations - while their boss, the Zionist crime-bankster Meyer Lansky, lived to a ripe old age.

And let's not forget that Clay Shaw, a board member at Permindex, got publicly fingered and died relatively young, while his Zionist bosses Bloomfield and Rosenbaum successfully remained in the shadows.

And speaking of "follow the money": Many JFK assassination researchers assume that President Kennedy's decision to end the Federal Reserve's private monopoly on American currency was one of the motives for the assassination. Let us note, for the record, that Zionists play a disproportionate role in the banking cartel that owns the Federal Reserve.

Though we have hard proof that the CIA played a central role in JFK's assassination, the circumstantial evidence pointing above and beyond the CIA is compelling. Michael Collins Piper's book "Final Judgment" makes a strong case that Israel was a leading force behind the assassination of JFK.

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