Its been two weeks since the Boston marathon bombings and the smell of lies and corruption is pungent in the air. While the mainstream media has failed to do any sort of investigative journalism on the event (sans Ben Swann of Reality Check and Judge Napolitano of Freedom Watch) they have done a fine job of regurgitating and re-enforcing the same non-sense story that the FBI concocted. Even when that story changed, they changed their reporting to fit that story. How bogus!

Thanks to the internet and to our divine ability to Think, people around the world have been probing, questioning and taking apart the official story since the day the news broke out. Of course, these people are the "conspiracy theorists" - always coming up with some crazy idea about the government being out to get them. But what happens when the crazy "conspiracies" have facts, evidence, eyewitness testimonials, motives and historical data that proves the involvement of government conducting terror attacks on its own citizens all the time?

Why would the government stage a false flag attack on its own people? For what purpose? People have a much easier time believing "one-off crazies/muslim-terrorist extremists" are out to get them rather than their own government. Besides the fact that we have been programmed and conditioned to trust/believe/accept our government has our best interests at heart - the main reason people can't come to grips with this ideology is because they have not taken the time to look at History.

George Orwell wisely said, "Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future." False Flag terror attacks have been used throughout history to take away peoples freedoms and establish tyranny. By creating an "enemy" (aka muslims/terrorists) and instilling fear upon the population by carrying out an act of terror (false flag), you are in a perfect position to take away rights/freedoms/securities, all in the name of "preserving rights/freedoms/securities".

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