Ten Palestinian children were killed and at least 20 were wounded on Thursday morning after an Israeli truck carrying a fuel tank crashed into the school bus transporting the kindergarten children near the Qalandia checkpoint in Ramallah.

Israelis on Facebook were celebrating the deaths of the Palestinian children, writing derogatory statements on a wall of a news post regarding the accident
© Abir KoptyBenny Dazanashvili: Relax, they are Palestinian Children.
Tali Biton: It seems these are Palestinians...God willing
Tal Simhon: God willings they are Palestinians
Ajala Cali: Great! Less terrorists!!!!
Eliya Eliza: Only Palestinian children were hurt, about ten.
Itai Vitzig: Thank God [these are] Palestinians. I hope every day there is a bus like this [that crashes]
Aliya A'mrani: Relax, this is a bus with Palestinian children. Pray for deaths, or at least critically injured..Great news to start the weekend with.
The bus carrying the children collided with the truck at an intersection in Jaba'a, overturned, and caught on fire.

Ten children immediately died, while a further eight remain in a critical condition, according to medical officials with the Palestinian Red Cross.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has declared three days of mourning.

Ramallah-based journalist Diana Alzeer said the collision was likely an accident due to wet weather, and not politically motivated.

In Bethlehem, a 15-year-old boy died this morning after a truck skidded on a slippery road and ran the boy over.

A statement released by the police said they have opened an investigation and confirmed that the boy died on the spot. Emergency crews arrived to the scene and transferred the boy's body to a hospital in Beit Jala.

The Israeli comments have gone viral on Twitter, shocking users into disbelief at the level of racism and hatred directed towards the deceased Palestinian children.

Israel maintains a military occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem, imposing harsh restrictions on indigenous Palestinians while providing privileges to illegal Jewish settlers.

Palestinians are frequently attacked and harassed by settlers as well as the Israeli military, often with impunity.