Cyclone Iggy
© Bureau of Meteorology
Tropical Cyclone Iggy off the Western Australia coast
A tropical cyclone and major bushfires are posing a twin threat to travellers in Western Australia's central west.

Authorities are concerned holidaymakers from Perth and elsewhere may find themselves stranded.

The Fire and Emergency Services Authority had urged tourists to leave the Gascoyne region because flooding, linked to the approaching Cyclone Iggy, could cut off the highway to Perth.

But now bushfires have forced the closure of the highway, south of Carnarvon.

Department of Environment and Conservation spokesman Anthony Desmond says there was a window of opportunity earlier yesterday when families, returning to Perth for the new school year, could have made it through.

"Either way there were two issues people needed to deal with, a cyclone and now a fire, so I don't think there was anything wrong with making that call for people," he said.

"But we'll be talking to the Department for Child Protection about accommodating people in Carnarvon if they need accommodation."

Frank Gagliadi is the manager of Potshots Hotel in Exmouth and says people are deciding whether to stay put, or head back to Perth.

"To be honest there were a couple of people who had no idea that a cyclone is coming, so they are that far removed from any news, so we're telling them," he said.

"And they they are going and doing their own little bit of research and then deciding whether to leave or not."

The Bureau of Meteorology was expected to upgrade Cyclone Iggy to a category three system overnight.