VICTORIA - In a recording of Kruse Wellwood's conversation with Cameron Moffat in the sheriff's van on the way to their first court appearance, June 21st 2010, the now convicted murderers compare notes, discussing their individual interviews with police.

The boys, aged 16 and 17 at the time, were arrested three days earlier for the murder of Kimberly Proctor. Proctor was killed March 18th, 2010. Over several hours Wellwood and Moffat tortured and sexually assaulted her. Then they killed her. Wellwood and Moffat then dumped Proctor's body beneath a bridge on the Galloping Goose Trail and set fire to her body.

On the way back to youth detention, Wellwood made light of being asked by investigators if he had any remorse.

Throughout the sentencing hearing the Crown argued that this recording, along with other evidence, proved the youths deserved the adult sentences they were handed on Monday morning. In court the Proctor family expressed wishes to have information about Kimberly's killers released so they would never be able to hide from what they had done.

The Proctor family may just get their wish. More evidence, including video of Cameron Moffat's interview with police, is expected to be released on Wednesday morning.


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