Glenwood Springs, Colorado -- A Glenwood Spring's chef is caught bragging about feeding his customers foods that could make them very sick. Now the restaurant he was working for says it never happened.

The chef worked for the Italian restaurant Florindo's in Glenwood Springs. In a Facebook post, he says he targeted people who suffer from a gluten intolerance.

Damien Cardone's Facebook page shows he's worked for a long line of prestigious kitchens. But on March 10th, he decided to tell people he'd been getting even.

In a post, he describes a skepticism about Ciliac disease saying, "Gluten free is b******t." Celiac disease is where people are physically intolerant to gluten. Cardone goes on to say even when customers ask for gluten free products, "I serve 'em our pasta...with high gluten flour... chefs love to use people as experimental research."

"To be told something is gluten free and not be gluten free can make someone quite sick," says local gastroenterologist, Dr. Brent Prosser.

Dr. Prosser says when most people think of Celiac disease, they think of an upset stomach over gluten. But he says it can turn much worse.

"People describe headache, fatigue, confusion, [and] dizziness. People have told me they've passed out before... or even being out sick for three to four days," says Dr. Prosser.

Dr. Prosser even tells us it can cause lymphoma and ulcers if someone is over exposed. After learning about the affects of Cardone's behavior in the kitchen we tried to track him down.

No one answered the door at his last know address, so we went where we thought we could find him.

We talked with Florindo's head chef who says Cardone worked up until five days after his Facebook post. He also says any specialty request like people wanting gluten free products come personally through him. So Cardone switching the pasta just couldn't happen.

Gastroenterologists say some people are more affected by gluten than others, but no matter what, it's not a laughing matter to deliberately serve someone who can't handle wheat products.

The restaurant told us Cardone moved to New Jersey but didn't know where. A few hours after speaking with the restaurant's top chef, the Facebook post was removed.