Calls and emails have been coming into the newsroom about a fireball streaking across the sky Tuesday night.

It appears what people saw was a meteor like the one in the picture accompanying this story, but maybe not quite as big.

We received calls emails and from people in Beaufort County, Kinston, Camp Lejeune, and Winterville all describing the same thing around 7:30: A blue-green fireball streaking across the sky towards the East until it disappeared. No one reports hearing or seeing any impact.

We talked with the National Weather Service out of Newport where officials say they have also had similar reports, but can't confirm for sure that it was a meteor.

A meteor is a piece of rock or other debris from space that burns up as it enters Earth's atmosphere. Because the objects are moving at many thousands of miles per hour, they create friction with the atmosphere as they enter and burn up.

If you happened to have seen the fireball streaking across the sky and took any pictures we would love to see them You can email them to Carolina Camera on our home page.