Denver - No one is exactly sure what it was, but many people saw it on Tuesday.

9NEWS started receiving reports of a bright light in the sky over Colorado around 6 p.m. Tuesday. The description of what people saw and the location in the sky varies, but it was seen be numerous people along the Front Range.

Jenny Murphy described it on the 9NEWS Facebook page as "a meteor just north of Lafayette! Reddish with a purple hue from my angle."

Kelly O'Hara Buccino said, "I saw it driving home, it looked like a fire cracker... blue light with green sparkles... it was crazy!"

9NEWS has received reports that the object was possibly a meteor or even a NASA rocket, but those reports cannot be confirmed at this time.

Astronomers tell 9NEWS that a meteor shower was not expected Tuesday evening. Stargazers are investigating, checking in with their networks of telescopes in hopes of identifying the object.

If you have a picture of the object, you can send it to here.