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Protesters celebrate in Tahrir Liberation Square
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The Egyptians are doing what is necessary to force change. The workers are striking. This is the key action necessary to bring down a government when you lack the guns and the media. No government can endure a protracted shutdown of the economy. It was through the economy and the currency that corporations and a certain criminal banking country took over control of so many governments in the first place. I believe it is a principal law of most countries that the government cannot be ruled by a foreign power. Trafficking with influence for gain is a form of treason. It is widespread now, throughout the western world and the reason the economies are crumbling, due to the activities of corporations and banks.

The predictable behavior of corporations is what led to the definition of fascism as being, 'government under corporate control'. In America, the single biggest evidence that this is so, came about when the highest court in the land ruled that it was legal for corporations to buy the government. A decade earlier they were the last gasp fixer, for a stolen election. Nothing has been the same since and quality of life is in the toilet, except for the few who are living it up at the expense of the many. When an economy shuts down, by the will of the people who turn the wheels, everything comes to a halt.

Now, it seems that the Egyptian government is torturing the protesters in rather large numbers. This defines them as demons in the flesh. They are doing this at the behest of Israel and The United States, who had previously used Egypt in its extraordinary rendition program; just in case you want to know who the bad guys are in all of this, it's not the Egyptians. It is their government acting under the requests or orders of a foreign power.

Just now, word is being given that Mubarak will step down and also that Suleiman will not replace him. So far, this is a beautiful blueprint for all nations presently laboring under dictators or corporate and banking fascism. What may surface is something else. My belief is that revolution is meant to sweep the planet and nothing intended by the ruling elite is going to work out the way they want it to. The time has come and they are all meant to fall but... the fact is that I don't know. I don't know.

Now Mubarak says he won't step down but will transfer his power to a man, every bit as psychopathic and ruthless as himself. It all comes down to the army and what they will and will not do. Mid level commanders of the military are deserting to join the protesters and I have heard that some in the army have said they will train their guns on their commanders before they will train them on the people. Anything can happen at this point. The people are not going to back down, so that means some incidents must surely occur and they will be the indicators of what will follow. I suspect that any collision between forces, that results in any significant loss of life, will cause the army to stop and turn against the government.

What we are dealing with here, is nothing short than the transformation of the world as we know it. It is going to sweep the Arab world and from there it will sweep outward in all directions. In the meantime, Israel is trying to plug the leaks in the dike but has only so many fingers. Members of her illustrious nation are calling for a Tiananmen Square scenario to bring the Egyptians back into line with the will of a xenophobic, misanthropic little country in the Middle East. Nothing is going to stop the wave of change that is sweeping over the world and those who are seeking to restrain and resist it will be engulfed in the tsunami.

The ruling elite of psychopaths; bankers, corporate high rollers, aristocrats and political and religious whores are all in the crosshairs of history. The change is impacting from without and impacting upon the change within. The nature of each creature is crying out the shape and intent of the identity of its being, as the force of the cosmos lights upon it and illuminates it with the ray of revealing truth. We're all going through the scanner and there's no lying about what you are powerless to conceal.

All of what we are seeing at the moment is the exposure of those plotting to route and rule the world. They've had a game plan in action for a long time. Not long ago they ramped up the speed but, make no mistake, this has been in the works for awhile. They are 'all in' as the saying goes and there are no possibilities of action that are being overlooked. They are determined to keep the demon ship on course, for an empire of the few over the prison planet of the many. Of course, they intend to reduce the overall population by at least half or more.

They've got their big blueprint for world enslavement laid out on the boardroom table constructed of endangered wood, which is polished to a high gloss from resins made from human blood. You can't imagine the thoughts that move through their heads, or the degree of treacheries dreaming, behind the half-shuttered reptilian eyes. Some of them know what they're up against but most of them don't. It's being hidden from their sight, because the movie has to play out to the final scene. There it will remain as testimony for the coming age, against the return of these horrible fiends

Look upon the world at this time and marvel. You can see the plans hatch and fail in real time. You can see the wave, as it rises up from the plains and sweeps around the world into the hearts of every living thing, causing them to vibrate and cry out the truth concerning themselves. We are all in a state of continuing revelation. It is all coming out and it is all being uncovered. There has never been a better time than now, to be stalwart and possessed of a true heart. That will be uncovered too.

Overlooked, ignored or badly planned against, comes the shifting of the poles and the outrage of Mother Nature, whose patience has gone beyond her will to contain herself. Civilization is 180 degrees off course. Corrections must be made according to a mathematical imperative. The bowstring is overdrawn and repenting of the pull. The days of prophecy are upon us.

All of the external changes are being mirrored by internal counterparts. The grand dance has begun and everything we have known is in transformation. Meanwhile, in Sleepyville, the TV churns out its unending cycle of mind rot. This is also a part of the design of those bent on global enslavement. They not only want it all ...and for you to have as little as can be arranged, they want you to suffer too. It makes them feel privileged and powerful. The plug is about to be pulled from the wall and some real entertainment is in store for when they immediately turn upon each other. We are going to see some very unscheduled programs inserting themselves into the airwaves, without commercial break.

My heart goes out to all of those caught up in the turmoil of these times. I am powerless to affect it and can only affect myself. It is my hope that all of us will focus on what we can do and be about it with a will. It's just going to get stronger and swifter by the moment, until one stands aghast at the power and the speed of it. The masks are going to come off.

All of the public preening and jockeying for position has a point to it. We are seeing our oppressors at work on the stage. They are defining themselves to the nth degree. They are exposing themselves and even accelerating their bad behavior, as if they could somehow catch the wave that is destined to plow them under. It's not going to happen but a great many other things are going to happen and where you wind up is going to have a lot to do with where you were headed all along. If you're off course, you had better get on course, because the margins are unforgiving.

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