sydney demonstrations
© AAP:Dean Lewins
Demonstrators from Sydney's Egyptian community rally in support of their countrymen in Egypt calling for president Hosni Mubarak to step down.

For the second weekend running demonstrators have gathered in Sydney demanding that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak stand down.

Egyptians are calling for Mr Mubarak to stand down immediately, not later in September as he has promised.

More than 100 demonstrators in Martin Place have condemned the killing of a journalist in Cairo and reiterated demands for the president's immediate resignation.

Mohammed Helal from the Islamic Egyptian Society told the demonstrators the oppressive rule must end.

"The Egyptian press is not free to report anything. So, what? How can we trust him to stay for another six months?" he said.

"Anyone with some sense - he should demand with us now, down with Mubarak now. Down with Mubarak now."

Many demonstrators are calling for an end to what some call 30 years of oppressive war.

"No one is behind Mubarak except his cronies. Maybe 1,000, maybe 2,000, but the rest of Egypt is behind the young people in the Tahrir Square," one demonstrator said.

Members of Sydney's Egyptian community say that although they are worried about the safety of their families in Egypt, they are urging them to continue demonstrating until Mr Mubarak stands down.

Haisam Macasam says his family members in Cairo are determined to ensure Mr Mubarak goes.

"Just last night I get some news that my cousin has lost his eye in one of the protests in Cairo," he said,

"As much I'm sad for him I am still happy for our people and our country to get our freedom back."