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If you thought breaking up with someone via text message was harsh, wait until you hear about this.

There's a story coming out of the United Kingdom about an immigration officer who put his wife on the terrorist list to get rid of her.

The guy was so sick and tired of his wife that when she flew back to Pakistan to visit her family, he covertly added her name to the Border Control's list of suspected terrorists.

When she tried to return home to the UK, she was shocked to find that she wasn't allowed to board the plane, and security refused to tell her why.

So the wife remained stuck in Pakistan... for THREE YEARS.

That's right, it wasn't until three years later that the truth finally came out during an interview for a promotion in which the husband was questioned about his wife being a terrorist.

That's when he confessed to putting her on the No-Fly list to get rid of her. He was subsequently fired for gross misconduct and the wife was allowed to return to the UK to give him a good beating.