Nearly 9,000 people have escaped floods of rainwater mixing cold lava and mud resulted by the eruption of Mount Merapi volcano in October at Yogyakarta of Java island, Indonesia, an official said Wednesday.

The number of evacuee kept rising since rain poured down the slope of the volcano on Jan. 10, an official of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency who asked to be anonymous said.

"Today, more than 1,500 people escaped the floods, putting the total evacuees since Jan. 10 to 8,830 people, the figure may rise, " he said at the agency's office.

The evacuees had taken shelters to government office, buildings, schools, and mosques, the official said.

The floods cause a river to overflow and damaged houses and other buildings, he said.

The flooding has killed one so far.

The most volatile Mount Merapi started eruption in late October, killing 386 people and injuring 131 others. The eruption displaced hundreds and thousands of people, of whom over 11,000 of them remain living in shelters, the agency said.