Does anyone still not know that 9/11 was done by Mossad and the CIA, along with various parties in certain government agencies and sundry? Most of us are not hackers and we don't deal with secret cables leaked by whistleblowers 'or' deliberately leaked after being sanitized in order to give the appearance of veracity. You would think that someone who is involved in intelligence information would have the intelligence and information to work out the obvious. I did it years ago, though the details are still fleshing themselves out, the names of the ones behind the attacks haven't changed and aren't likely to.

I measure a person's truthfulness and intelligence according to the way they define what happened on 9/11. Let me make a very clear and unequivocal statement. Everything changed because of 9/11. All the so-called secrets that Assange possesses are influenced by 9/11. Every war since 9/11 has come about, one way or another, because of 9/11. The whole concept of terrorist has been set and sold according to 9/11. 9/11 is the Big Kahuna, period.

I got a few emails yesterday after my posting about Assange and Foxman. Unfortunately with the death of logic and reason, a number of people were unable to compute that my posting was largely about Foxman's comment about pursuing those who tied Wiki-Leaks and Israel together. I wanted to be known as someone who did. That was the main thrust of my piece, not Assange's, questionably valuable information, of which I have yet to see anything useful or earth-shaking. Interestingly, the emails, along with comments from mostly, never before heard from, contributors, all used the same syntax, buzzwords and arguments. Is this coincidence? All of them were cut from the same cloth, all of them avoided the 9/11 commentary, given in cavalier fashion by media model, Assange. Here is what Assange said, "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud."

I don't need to hear anything else from Assange to be convinced that he is a tool of the PTB. People defending him want me to give him breathing room. They want me to give him six months. Never has time been of such critical importance as it is now so, six months is a lifetime in which to cater to the whimsical possibility that the one who denies the most important aspect of our times, might come up with something worth suspending one's rational faculties for six months.

No one defending him has come up with any kind of bullet listing of his accomplishments. One person defending him said, when it was mentioned that he was being represented by Rothschild lawyers, that if I was in trouble I would want the best lawyers too. You can't dialogue with people like this. Their reasoning and logical facilities are floating upside down in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whenever I see a complete tool being defended against all reasonable and logical arguments to the contrary, I suspect enemy action. It was like that with Chomsky but not as much so. People who support the people who deny the truth about 9/11, are engaged in second hand murder. They murdered things in themselves first and then they extrapolated outward. Assange is a murderer because he reinforces the policies that murder. You can argue back and forth as long as you like but that's what it comes down to.

When you have a public voice you are responsible for what you say and for what results, in your having caused people to believe what you said. Most bloggers with a level of exposure, equal to or larger than mine, are making money from what they do. Some of them are making very good money. I know this. I'm not. There are no adverts on my sites and my output is generally larger than most everyone else's. There's a reason for this.

I don't recognize the authority of governments or religions. I obey the laws that make sense to me and ignore the ones that don't. Governments that poison their own people are not going to tell me what to put in my body and I don't much care what anyone else thinks about it either, they can kiss my dust.

Many readers, I'm sure, wish that I would stick with my metaphysical and spiritual writings and I have no doubt that there are some who are disappointed in the things I say and the way I say them. They've got a fixed idea of what spiritual means, as if the material world wasn't spiritual, but it is. Everything is spiritual; taking a shit is spiritual, it's an integral part of your times here. Sex is spiritual. I don't recognize conventions and I don't go out of my way to defy them. It just happens when it happens. I have permission to have sex with anyone I want to any time I want to, with no blame. I wouldn't have it any other way because I don't enjoy lying to myself and others.

Do I take advantage of this? Or, do I perhaps live a more moral life than those who are convention bound and trumpet their fidelity at every opportunity and then get caught out as the liars and hypocrites that they are? I extend the same freedoms that I demand, not because I intend to exercise them and not because I want others to. If you don't already understand what my reasons are you have no right to be enlightened concerning them.

I have given a great deal of attention to the Assange affair. I don't think I've ever written about it until yesterday. I didn't feel the need. It was too obvious, for me to have to say anything. However, when Foxman jumped into the mix, I thought I might say a thing or two. I wasn't very nice about it. Well, people are dying because of people like Assange and Foxman. Lots of people are engaged in daily murders that take place via fountain pens and documents. Goldman Sachs murders thousands and thousands of people on a regular basis. No one seems to see this. I see it and I don't like it.

For some reason, since the death of reason and logic, not to mention, objective reasoning and abstract logic, people can't seem to get from Point A to Point C, much less D. The more one has compromised themselves in the service of materialism, the more their higher faculties close off. It's a quirk of human nature to assume that if you don't possess something, then no one else does either. If you don't see something, it isn't there. People measure the possibilities of life according to their own, without even knowing what their possibilities are. Most lives are determined by how lazy one is and how much determination they do or don't possess.

People think of war as a glorious affair and citizens of various nations root for their soldiers to kill the others. Men come back from wars and often find that the lies they tell about their time in uniform, come to compose most of the conversations they have, sitting at their neighborhood bar, living in dreams that didn't happen, because the ones that did turned out to be bad enough to drive them to the bar and the need to lie about a life they didn't live.

I've been following this Assange matter for a long time and there's not the slightest doubt in my mind that he is cointelpro. I don't need the details and he's not important to me. He may turn out to be important to you, because Wiki-Leaks and all the other little mile markers that keep coming up, are all part of something that's eventually going to get personal. It already has.

Then I see something like this. I hear about what's supposed to be coming and what we're all going to hear about but I haven't seen or heard it yet. Why would you have to wait for six months? Why can't we hear about how Israel murdered Rafik Hariri now? I suspect it's more about the six months wait than it is the information. I'm sure there's an easy explanation like, Assange signed a time contract with the Neo-Pharisee media or something. Promising something in the future, without any details, is not a new gambit and never seeing anything later on, or something so watered down you can't determine what it was originally was, is not a novel ending that we haven't seen before either.

You believe what you like and you live as you wish too. I have only one authority to answer to and I don't see a problem there. If there was one I would hear about it. I hope your heroes don't disappoint you. It's tougher every time to find a new one. Sooner or later you don't have any heroes at all.