Milwaukee -- Dozens of viewers called 12 News to report a huge fireball in the sky Wednesday night.

The flash of light in the sky was reported just after 10 p.m.

Viewers reported seeing all sorts of colors and one big blast followed by several smaller blasts.

WISN Chief Meteorologist Mark Baden said people from as far away as Iowa and Ohio saw the fireball which was likely a meteor.

"A meteor is a rock, hurdling through space, as it hits our atmosphere it becomes super heated because of friction and this would normally cause the rock to explode and that would create the big flash, visible for hundreds of miles," Baden said.

"A meteor of this size is pretty unusual," Baden added.

Local police departments fielded dozens of phone calls. Dispatchers from Muskego, New Berlin and Waukesha told 12 News they searched for a possible impact site but didn't find one.

If you happened to capture the meteor on camera, we would like to see it.

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