Stop. Hey, what's that sound?

Several Arkansas City area residents reported hearing explosion-type sounds or sonic booms recently. But authorities can't seem to pinpoint the source of the sounds.

Elmer Morris, a World War II veteran, today said he heard the booms two or three times on Monday and several more times Tuesday. The booms were heard during daylight hours, he said.

Morris said the sounds are very similar to sonic booms he heard while in the military and on the West Coast.

He didn't hear the mysterious sounds today, he said late this morning.

"I've seen jets flying high, leaving a vapor trail," said Morris, who lives in Crestwood.

"But no booms today."

If jets fly low and break the sound barrier, windows rattle and sometimes crack, he added. They aren't supposed to do that.

Undersheriff Bill Mueller said he also heard reports of the sounds from a few individuals, including his wife, over the past few days.

But the source of the sounds has not been located.

"I'll have the deputies be on the alert," he said.

Mueller and two officials at Strother Field said they are skeptical that the sounds are sonic booms.