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Jane Bockstruck and instructor Paul E. Peckham Jr. soar through the sky above Jumptown in Orange, Mass., last weekend.
Grandma Trumps Last Oldest By 14 Years

A 92-year-old New Hampshire woman has celebrated her birthday by skydiving from a plane at 13,000 feet.

Swanzey resident Jane Bockstruck tells The Keene Sentinel newspaper she doesn't know what overcame her when she decided to take the parachute jump.

With a group of friends and relatives watching, Bockstruck leaped Sept. 19 at the Jumptown skydiving club in Orange, Mass., west of Boston. She says she doesn't remember jumping from the plane.

But tandem partner and jump instructor Paul Peckham Jr. says she had perfect form and landed without a hitch.

He says she's the oldest person he's taken on a jump. The second-oldest was 78.

Bockstruck says she's been married seven times, has traveled the world and has had jobs ranging from hotel desk clerk to seamstress for the John Wayne movie True Grit.