Posted: July 28, 2009

Date of Sighting: Saturday/Sunday 25th/26th July 2009
Time: 11.50pm-1.10am

Witness Statement: Saturday/Sunday 25th/26th July

After a night out we arrived back in Long Eaton & dropped my daughter at her house at about 11.50pm. She signaled to us to get out of the car and my wife & I looked to where she was pointing and saw about 4, what can only be described as fireballs traveling at a lowish altitude in a north easterly direction. They were followed by another 2. We watched them disappear from view and went to our house a couple of streets away. On the journey we saw at least 2 more of the objects. On arriving home, we got out our binoculars and after a time at about 12.15 another one came past over head. Then about 12.30 the final one? (We watched for about another 40 minutes but saw no others.)

Although there was a certain amount of breeze, the objects were flying faster than that. I don't know how big Chinese lanterns are, but these must have been the size of a hot air balloon and surely being aflame as they appeared to be, would have burned themselves out in a short space of time. There must have been lots of people who witnessed this, and although we are in close proximity to EM airport, I do not think it was aeroplanes or other normal flying craft. I would like to here what others make of it. In my excitement I never thought to use my mobile phone to capture the images. Sorry.