Last night, dozens of witnesses reported seeing lights and hearing an explosion as something crashed into the Ottawa River. Search-and-rescue crews from Ottawa and Gatineau showed up but so far, haven't found anything. Was it an airplane? According to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, no planes are missing. Maybe it was a meteorite?

From the Ottawa Citizen:
Dr. Dirk Keenan was sailing with some friends out of the Nepean Yacht Club when they saw the light of what looked like a small aircraft to the east, close to the Quebec shore.

"I noticed the light coming down. It was like a headlight, very bright," Keenan said Tuesday morning. "It descended very rapidly, levelled off, then disappeared."

Keenan, a student pilot himself, thought it looked like the pilot had lost control and gone into a dive, then briefly recovered before going down. Keenan steered his boat toward the position, but didn't dare get too close to the rapids in the dark. The lights appeared to vanish into the river or into the forest on the Quebec side.