Four residents spotted a strange light zipping across the coast off Paphos on Thursday night in the latest in a series of incidents of unidentified objects in our skies.

The UFO was clearly seen by John Knowles, a research specialist with Mutual UFO Network, he told the Cyprus Mail the sighting took place near Coral Bay and is appealing for more witnesses.

It was heading towards Paphos just off the coast, slow moving and a very bright fireball, so there may very well have been other witnesses."

"We had been watching the crescent moon set in Coral Bay. In the darkened skies, as we looked out to sea, an unknown object flying in a north-south direction crossed the sky in front of us. Altitude was about 300 feet, speed about 200 mph or less.

"The object that appeared like a fireball, extremely bright red-orange in colour, it maintained the same altitude as it passed to the south in the direction of Paphos."

Knowles added the object, which he saw at around 20.55pm on Thursday, finally vanished from the sky without trace.

His account was backed up by his next door neighbours, who also witnessed the bizarre sight and rushed to the phone to alert him.

Annie Davidson of Tala said: "I was out walking my dog and I saw a brilliant ball of light traveling very slowly close to the coastline. It was clearly visible for a while and then disappeared. I have never seen anything like it before."

On Monday, several sightings of five bright red lights hovering in the night sky near Cape Greco were observed. According to witness accounts, the lights moved creating several different shapes for around 8 minutes before disappearing.

Some suggest that Chinese lanterns could to be the most likely culprit, as they are often released into the skies at weddings and parties.

Recently Cyprus has been flooded with UFO reports from all parts of the island; last month a pilot approaching the illegal Tymbou airport in the north reported being followed by what he described as a "bright object which resembled a big man or a big garbage bag".

The UFO followed the aircraft until it landed and then disappeared.