A strange light was spotted hovering over Frodsham before it vanished from the sky.

UFO enthusiast Colin Fowler, 56, of Ellis Lane, Frodsham, was watching a film at home when his family saw a cigar-shaped orange light hovering in the sky at about 10pm on Saturday, June 6.

University of Manchester building manager Colin said: "It was a cigar shaped thing with sparks or flames coming out of it.

"I don't know what it was? It wasn't a lantern, a helicopter or a plane. It was nothing like that, it was a ball of light, hovering in the air over the marshes, towards Ellesmere Port. It lasted a few minutes.

"I could see a red circle, it moved from the right to the left and then it seemed to disappear.

"It was almost a clear night and you could see the light moving from side to side. I've seen things like this before but not in Frodsham."

Colin's wife Hazel, 57, rushed out of the house with a digital camera to try and capture evidence of the bright light, she managed to get about five photos before it disappeared out of sight.

She said: "We saw something at the front but it moved too fast."

Colin filed a report of the family's experience to www.uk-ufo.co.uk, a website which compiles mysterious sightings in the sky throughout Britain.

"I put it on the website to see if anyone else had seen the same thing. "We managed to take about five pictures.