A mysterious flash of light, followed by a loud boom was reported by thousands of people from Maryland through North Carolina, prompting many calls to local 911 centers. The event also received massive media attention. So far, authorities have only been able to rule out that it wasn't a meteorological event. The following are some of the reports that were coming into the Mutual UFO Network headquarters:

Richmond, Virginia - 9:45-10:05 p.m. - Two witnesses observed what they described as resembling a green meteor shoot down from the sky toward the ground. The first witness' husband came outside to see what she was looking at. He looked in the opposite direction from where his wife had spotted the object, but nothing was seen. He continued to scan the night sky when he saw a bright white orb appear in the western sky, shooting horizontally from right to left for a couple of seconds, before vanishing.

Chesapeake, Virginia - 9:30 p.m. - Witness observed a flash in the sky followed with a loud boom unlike the jets they have in the area. Within a few seconds a second boom was heard, but it was not as loud as the first. The witness indicated he later heard several similar reports over his local television news.

Virginia Beach, Virginia - (time not provided) - Witness was driving home when he noticed what appeared to be lightning-like flashes in the sky above his car. He stopped the car to get out to have a better look. The whole night sky lit up a bluish color and he saw something burning, followed by large orange sparks falling from behind the object's path of travel. It was followed by a large boom, then disappeared.

Other reports from Sunday evening

Martinsburg, WV - 3/29/2009 - A hospital employee had just stepped outside, with a co-worker, for a cigarette break. Both noticed what looked like a "falling star". However, the object was brilliant and illuminated the parking lot. The object was described as having a blue/green trail following behind it. The witness estimated the object to be the size of a small car and brilliant white in color, with a blue "aura" around it. The witness claimed it flew extremely close to the ground with absolutely no sound.

Chicago, Illinois - 3/29/2009 - A father and son were driving home at approximately 11:30 p.m. (CST), when the noticed a bright circular light in the western sky. The object had a red pulsating light, and was not moving when first observed. They drove to a different location to get a better look, and indicated the object moved very little. The witness observed the light for approximately 45 minutes before it moved further west until vanishing from sight.