Firefighters are straining to put out a rash of wildfires sparked by lightning in Nassau and Clay counties.

Just days after putting out a 105-acre wildfire near Cedar Point and Pumpkin Hill roads in Nassau County, the state's Division of Forestry battled at least three fires over a total of about 30 acres Wednesday and Thursday. Lightning caused each of the fires, said Annaleasa Winter, a wildfire mitigation specialist for the Forestry Division.

Those come after lightning caused six fires over about 55 acres Tuesday in Clay County.

Winter said no evacuations were ordered, and the fires are mostly under control. The number of fires caused by lightning spikes every year in May, June and July. "We're really stretched thin this time of year," she said.

The public can help firefighters by being careful, especially with fireworks, she said.

"You don't need a lot of man-caused, accidental 'oops' fires that are completely avoidable," Winter said. "There's a lot of lightning, and not a lot of rain right now."