Psychopath Condoleezza Rice

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tells Judy Woodruff that she remains "proud" of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, although it has been "tougher than any of us really dreamed.''

"And we can never replace the people who have been lost; we can never do anything to soothe the pain of the family and friends that they have left behind," Rice said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. "But we are seeing a change in Iraq for the better. And when we talk about Iran, there is no greater barrier to Iranian influence in the region, negative Iran influences in the region, than a strong Iraq that has a strong Arab identity, that is at peace with its neighbors, and that has a good relationship with the United States."

Rice also dismissed the perception that the world is a more dangerous place since President Bush took office.

"I simply don't see it - a more dangerous place than the world that produced the al Qaeda that did 9/11?" Rice said. "... But we're now beginning to see that perhaps it's not so popular to be a suicide bomber. We're beginning to see that perhaps people are questioning whether Osama Bin Laden ought to really be the face of Islam. Certainly, we don't think that he is. We think Islam is a peaceful religion. ..."

Rice also comments about North Korea, China and Iran.

The interview will be broadcast tonight at 8 and 11:30 and be rebroadcast throughout the weekend.

Here's the transcript.