At least 211,358 inhabitants in 44 municipalities of the Mexican state of Veracruz were affected by tropical storm "Arthur", Veracruz Civil Protection Ministry said Friday.

Rains will continue on Saturday and Sunday and more people are predicted to be left homeless, the Hydrometeorology Bureau of the Water National Commission said.

The Civil Protection Ministry suggested Friday the Mexican government declare a state of emergency in the 44 municipalities.

Local authorities said that water of the Jamapa, Cotaxtla, Toloma and Santa Maria rivers have gone back to their riverbed and life of people affected are returning to normal, but the alert is kept in place in anticipation of more rains and landslides.

Some 700 houses in the municipalities of Emiliano Zapata, Paso de Ovejas, Camaron de Tejeda, Jamapa and Orizaba have been damaged.