Bush is a Psychopath I

What Does that Tell Us About Us?

It is true that many of our leaders and CEOs could be labeled as psychopaths or having many psychopathic tendencies. Bush does seem to be one of those psychopaths.

Psychology as we know is not an exact science. But the hard sciences don't seem to be so exact anymore. As we study quantum physics we see matter not behaving in exact ways as we used to believe from a Newtonian perspective. The Quantum world also points to consciousness interacting with matter in ways that would never have been expected.

I worked in a mental health facility and had to diagnose with the DSM, it can be helpful, but it always seemed a bit of a mislead. Many patients would have several diagnosis from different therapists. Some of the diagnosis seemed close to the mark and then others seemed off. I really didn't like having to label people (put them into a box that didn't fully describe them) but it is mainly done for insurance and government reimbursement. As school counselor, I try not to label in my head any of the children that I work with. After awhile they flower, and if I were to label them initially and treat them as a disease or a problem then I am sure the results would be somewhat different.

But it is useful at times to test and label and it can bring us to a better understanding and helpful ways of treatment. From this perspective, I think it is useful to label President Bush as a person suffering from a serious personality disorder. But it is even more useful to ask why people allow themselves to be lied to and manipulated by these psychopathic personalities.

We could say that people just don't know but in a deeper sense, from what I can see, they not only know but they choose these psychopathic leaders precisely because they are willing to do the things that most people only wish they could do and get away with. As long as most people are profoundly moved by these deep shadow desires of greed and hatred then they will choose psychopathic personalities as their leaders. The psychopaths do the terrible with power in a socially acceptable way, and that is why the people respond emotionally to them. It is something like what we see working in certain fundamentalist sects, that is the deep seated desire to see the world destroyed and people killed for Armageddon or rapture. This end times mentality feeds the fundamentalist's desire for retribution to alleviate their own anger and hatred.

In order to be mentally healthy we have to have a feeling and an understanding (empathy) for other people and life in general. Once we move past some of our own insecurities and unhelpful wants and fears then we can become more open to the potentiality of life. We won't live in much fear because we won't be inviting much malicious intent from our neighbors. We won't have as much hatred because we will have a better understanding of the trials of our neighbors and their pain and suffering. We won't have as many desires for material things because we won't have an ego that needs them to build itself up. We will gain real ego strength that arises from having real character. Like Jesus said, we will be building our lives on true foundations that will withstand much of the terrible rains and winds of life.

So most importantly for the world we need to get working on our own consciousness to bring about a better world. I want to make this clear, this consciousness work in no way means that there will not be an outpouring of compassion for others. We will be motivated to do something for our neighbors and we will be moved by injustice and inhumanity. But instead of getting down and giving up, this raising of consciousness will keep us focused in our efforts, mindful in the present, hopeful in our resolve, and peaceful in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

For sure, when we raise our consciousness then we will not be drawn to psychopathic leaders and be less tolerant of their activities in business and society. That will indeed create a better world.

Bush is a Psychopath II

"How Evil, How Perverse, How Sick, How Criminal Can George Bush and His People Be?"
".....So we know - not "think," but we know - that when George Bush told the nation on the evening of October the 7th, 2002, Cincinnati, Ohio, that Hussein was an imminent threat to the security of this country, he was telling millions of unsuspecting Americans the exact opposite of what his own CIA was telling him. So if we had nothing else at all, this alone shows us that he took this nation to war on a lie, and therefore, all of the killings in Iraq of American soldiers became unlawful killings and therefore murder....And the question that I have is, how evil, how perverse, how sick, how criminal can George Bush and his people be? And yet, up to this point, unbelievably - and there's no other word for it - he's gotten by with all of this...."
Vincent Bugliosi, former prosecutor of that psychopath Charles Manson and now seeking justice against that psychopath on Pennsylvania Avenue, recently on Democracy Now.

So there you have it from a former prosecutor that has taken on the worst scum that humanity has to offer and is now seeking to take on another speciman of the worst scum humanity has to offer--George W. Bush.

Bugliosi has written a new book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" and in it he lays out the overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush is a psychopathic murderer. As Bugliosi points out,
"....and having no way to cope with the unspeakable horror of it all and having nightmares over what happened, George Bush - the evidence is very, very clear - smiled through it all. In fact, you look at a photograph of Bush and six or seven other people - they're all smiling - who has the biggest smile on his face? George Bush...."
Yet knowing what we now know, we still have people in this country supporting this murderous nut job. They still stand by this monster in the same way that former Nazis in Germany stood by Hitler and nearly all of the Soviet people stood by Stalin. Like Stalin and Hitler, the NeoCon fascists in this country have created a climate of fear and an environment of hate designed to appeal to those that bow to criminal and despotic authority.

Thankfully, most in this country are waking up from this nation's long nightmare. Unfortunately there will always be the fringe that is ruled by fear and hatred and for them no amount of death, destruction, and torture will ever wake them up.

They have been conditioned by their own inadequacies to follow authority at all costs. Psychopathic leadership counts on these simple minded and cold hearted "little" people for their support, and without them psychopaths, like Bush, couldn't continue in their orgy of blood and suffering.

Bush is a Psychopath III

"....The commander in chief and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture...."

A Recent Interview with a British Sky News Reporter and President Bush:
"...Of course if you want to slander America, you can look at it one way. But you go down -- what you need to do -- I think I suggested you do this at a press conference -- if you go down to Guantanamo and take a look at how these prisoners are treated -- and they're working it through our court systems. We are a land of law...."
Major General Tagabu in Congressional Hearings Accused Bush and his Administration of War Crimes in Recent Congressional Testimony:
"....The commander in chief and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture...."
A good way you know you are dealing with a psychopath is when that person not only lies but keeps repeating the same lies over and over and doesn't seem to be bothered by it. But another great clue that you are dealing with a psychopath is when that person authorizes torture, against international law and human decency, and doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

For those of you that need a refresher, a psychopath in common usage is a person of very little or no conscience. Over a couple of posts, I have been examining Bush as a psychopath and I think this subject will give me more than enough to write about until the time our Psychopath-in-Chief leaves office. But even after this psychopath and some psychopaths in his Administration leave office, I will still be calling attention to their crimes against humanity.

In the U.N. Convention Against Torture, a treaty that the United States ratified in 1994, we agreed to criminalize overseas torture (it was already illegal in this country) and to prevent other acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.

Interestingly, one of the torture methods Bush authorized has been water-boarding. He is in good company with other psychopaths that have used this method throughout the ages. This method of torture was used during the inquisition and by the Nazis and the Japanese during WW2.

But some might argue, as Bush has told us, it was just "a few bad apples." Well, below are just a few news items clearly showing that our Psychopath-In-Chief is not only an untroubled and very bad liar but he also authorized the torture that he denies we engage in.

So Bush says we "slander America" when we question America's torture methods. But the truth is that this Psychopath on Pennsylvania Avenue is dripping in blood and has brought the worst disgrace on this country and he is not bothered by it. He also expects you not to be.
  • Bush Knew of Meetings Discussing Torture and Authorized and Approved of Torture Tactics
  • Executive Order Authorized Torture
  • The U.S. military Hid Locations of suspected Terrorists and Concealed Harsh treatment
  • Former Terrorist Suspects Were tortured, according to medical examinations