An isolated town in Hong Kong remained cut off Sunday, a report said, a day after torrential rain lashed the territory, killing two people.

All roads to the fishing town of Tai O, well-known for its houses propped up on stilts above the water, were blocked following landslides caused by the downpour, local broadcaster RTHK said.

The town's telephone links were cut off and there was no access to fresh water, the report said. Authorities have dispatched a tanker filled with fresh water to supply the town, which is on the outlying island of Lantau.

Severe rains hit Hong Kong on Saturday morning, causing 122 landslides across the territory, one of which killed two people.

In one part of the city 146 millimetres (5.7 inches) of rain fell in just one hour, the heaviest downpour since records began 124 years ago, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

Streets around Hong Kong, including the downtown area, were flooded for several hours and the main road to the city's airport was also blocked.

More than 400 flights were delayed and 14 cancelled, according to the Post.

Hong Kong is regularly hit by severe rain and typhoons during the summer months.