The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has a major article written by Zac Anderson titled, "Not so cool: Sarasota-Bradenton tops for 'greenhouse gas emissions".

Actually, the Sarasota-Bradenton area should get a medal for producing more CO2 than other areas. We are helping our plants grow because you see CO2 is plant food. When we breath we emit CO2. The plants love us.

Zac spends the entire article talking about and to global warming alarmists. He quotes Jerry Karnas, Florida climate project director for Environmental Defense who states "You have the perfect storm for a carbon nightmare." Carbon nightmare? Really? Freddy Kruger is a nightmare, not our good friend carbon.

Of course our very own Florida Representative Keith Fitzgerald is quoted. He states, "Studies like this [Brookings Institution study] are important,"...They give us evidence to back up these efforts to change our growth and transportation patterns."

"This drives home the point we've been making as far as encouraging redevelopment, urban revitalization and the importance of our land use pattern," said County Administrator Jim Ley.

"Change our growth and transportation patterns" and "land use pattern" are code for destroying our local economy with more restrictions and taxes on energy, gasoline, development and of course us citizens. All in the glorious name of reducing CO2 emissions.

In Sarasota County, FL there is a movement right now within a group called SCOPE to require 100% of new development and 50% of existing buildings to have solar water heaters within five years. I sit on the committee looking at this proposal from the SCOPE SEA conference. I will be reporting out on the results soon.

The interesting thing is that Zac, who is a reporter, does not discuss the other side of the issue. I always thought that reporters were supposed to present both sides and let us decide. That is fair and balanced. Clearly Zac is not.

The only quote he uses at the very end of the article is from Rep. Paige Kreegel, R-Punta Gorda, who favors a free-market approach."We can talk all we want about conservation of energy and people not moving out towards the periphery, but nothing does it more than $4 gas," Rep. Paige said. We agree with Rep. Page.

Since Zac didn't, we will give you the other side of the issue. Human caused global warming is a theory that has been proven to be false. We can measure CO2 emissions all we want but human caused CO2 emissions are not the primary cause of global warming. In fact, we are entering a global cooling period at a time when CO2 emissions are at an all time high and rising.

We now know the following facts:
ยท Ice core data shows that there have been repeated heating and cooling events on the earth long before human activity was significant. Global warming is a naturally occurring event. Attempting to interfere in this process may have unpredictable consequences.

ยท The Earth cooled between 1940 and 1975 while fossil fuel consumption rose dramatically. The Earth should have warmed if CO2 emissions from fossil fuel consumption is a cause of global warming. The theory does not fit the data.

ยท Ignoring data that does not fit a theory is poor science. Only one inconsistent piece of data is necessary to negate a theory.
So why do environmentalists, politicians and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune still cling to a debunked scientific theory? Global warming has transformed into a political movement. It is no longer science it is propaganda. It is a perceived vote getter, plain and simple.

We are saddened to read in the article that, "Sarasota County leaders said the report reaffirms their efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Such gases are trapped in the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect that warms the plant."

These "Sarasota County leaders" ignore the fact that Global warming stopped in 1998. We have entered a global cooling period that is predicted to last until 2015 according to current research.

The evidence based data showing the Earth's failure to continue warming has confounded the promoters of man-made climate fear. The American people have consistently rejected climate alarm as a Gallup Poll released on Earth Day 2008 shows the American public's concern about man-made global warming is unchanged from 1989.

Curbing greenhouse gas emissions is a fool's errand that will cost us all with higher prices for food, fuel, energy and housing. These are the building blocks of our economy. They are beginning to crumble under the weight of the "carbon nightmare" propaganda.

Get ready for $10 a gallon gasoline, higher energy bills, and un-affordable housing courtesy of our local, state and nationally elected officials.