It turns out a mysterious flash of lights over the Sandia Crest was most likely a meteor.

The bright streak was spotted just after 2:00 Monday morning.

Video of the flashing light was captured by an observatory near Santa Fe.

According to a UNM scientist, it was most likely a meteor passing through the earth's atmosphere.

It's a rare sight for anyone to witness, but the real treasure is finding the meteorite once it lands.

"It would be worth something scientifically for sure, and you know everybody is interested in finding meteorites that come from this fireball event," said UNM research scientist Dr. James Karner.

Dr. Karner says the dry deserts of New Mexico make it easier to spot meteorites on the ground.

Thomas Ashcraft, the man who captured the video from his observatory, says the space rock probably landed in eastern New Mexico or the Texas panhandle.