Sahara dust that covered the entire country over the past few days is starting to recede, while the National Weather Service (EMY) has predicted rains and northerly winds on Monday, which are expected to clear the skies from the whitish haze.

sahara dust covers greece
Sahara dust covers Greece

The phenomenon is not an unusual one and when the weather is rainy it is experienced as mud rain. According to meteorologists, the whitish color skies is the result of particles of dust from northern Africa that remain trapped in the humid atmosphere due to the unusually high temperatures for the season, coupled by southerly winds.

This time its duration was longer due to the persistent southerly winds, which carried the dust as far north as Thessaloniki.

The situation will improve on Tuesday but the phenomenon is expected to be repeated again at the end of the week, meteorologists said, adding that there is no hazard for the public, while only those with pulmonary diseases or asthma should be more careful.

Meanwhile, a new cleaning method will be used in the Thermaikos Bay, Thessaloniki, for the removal of objects that have piled up on the sea bed, contributing to its pollution.

A side scan sonar device, used by the local Frogmen Club to map the bottom of the sea, will locate objects weighing up to a ton in order to be removed following an initiative undertaken by the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace.