A man died after he was struck by lightning while playing football at theSekolah Kebangsaan Tengku Bendahara field in Kodiang, Kedah yesterday.

In the 7pm incident, Mohd Khairon Fazdli Md Isa, 27, a heavy machine operator, was playing with friends at the field when the lightning struck.

His friend, Rozaimi Johari, 26, passed out in the incident.

Met the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital here, Rozaimi said he saw a bright light and heard a loud bang before passing out, adding that the weather was fine at that time.
When he regained consciousness several minutes later he saw Mohd Khairon laying motionless on the field.

Kangar police confirmend the incident.

Mohd Khairon's body had been taken to Kodiang last night for burial in Kampung Damai today.