Northern regions of Saudi Arabia have been hit by the second cold spell this winter, the Al-Watan daily said on Wednesday.

This winter is said to be the coldest in Saudi Arabia in 30 years.

Temperatures in northern and northwestern parts of the country plunged to -5 degrees Centigrade (23 Fahrenheit) with bitterly cold winds raging at speeds of 60 km/ph (37 m/ph). Local residents are staying indoors whenever possible amid fears of hypothermia.

Saudi authorities and charity organizations are delivering heaters, fuel, blankets, warm clothes and food to people affected by the cold snap.

Weather forecasters say the freeze is set to continue until Friday.

In mid-January, unusually cold weather smashed decades-old records in Saudi Arabia where temperatures reached a record low of -6 degree Centigrade (21.2 degree Fahrenheit), freezing water pipes and closing schools and other facilities.