Temperatures around Greater Cleveland hit 88 degrees Tuesday, tying a 107-year-old record.

The normal high for this time of year is 69 degrees. But National Weather Service meteorologist Walter Fitzgerald said hot air circulating clockwise out of the Gulf of Mexico led to the record-tying temperatures.

The last time Cleveland hit 88 degrees on Sept. 25, Germany had a kaiser, Russia had a czar and the United States had Ohioan William McKinley as president.

Clevelanders then weren't bracing for an Indians playoff run - the team wouldn't even exist until the following spring.

And though angry labor strikes led the front page of The Plain Dealer both Tuesday and in 1900, there is a big difference: Coal miners, not autoworkers, were the angry workers in 1900 since companies like Ford and Oldsmobile were still a few years away from mass production.

But don't expect another record-setting day today. We won't come close to the 91 degrees hit on this date in 1998. Fitzgerald said a cold front from Canada was expected to sweep in overnight and knock today's temperatures back into the 70s.