There is a potentially painful problem at a home in Katy. Hundreds of thousands of bees were living inside the walls of a woman's house and no one could get rid of them until today.

Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control tried to talk himself through the enormous job of removing 500,000 bees that had taken up residence.

Homeowner Charmaine Albert says she tried numerous other exterminators with no luck.

"It's a very dangerous situation," she said. "The bees just keep returning. They leave briefly, but keep returning."

Griffin says in order to guarantee the bees don't come back he has to locate and remove all the honeycombs.

One of six hives stretched six feet into the home. The bees themselves are a mixture of honey and Africanized.

"It's suicide, nothing but suicide," Griffin said. "I don't know how that lady was living in that house with all these bees. She's lucky. If I were her, I would go play the lottery."

Albert says she'll consider herself lucky if the bees don't come back.

Gotcha Pest Control removed more than 500 pounds of honey. Griffin believes there may have been as many as six queen bees living inside the walls of the home.