Mossad insists Blair serves out his remaining contract or will dock his pension

Israeli sources have repudiated reports that the Bush Administration will employ UK Prime Monster as some sort of Middle East Mr Fix-it and insisted that when he steps down from his job as UK Prime Monster of June 27 he will return to Tel Aviv and his former Mossad desk job.

"Under the terms of his job contract Blair has to serve out the remaining five years left in Tel Aviv," a senior Israeli defense ministry source said today.

"Naturally we're disappointed that he didn't find the WMDs we planted for him around Iraq and his final pension will reflect this by way of bonus cuts.

"Of course he's welcome to move to the newly opened office in the Gaza strip, but it's a bit rough for pampered souls such as Mrs B.

"And as soon as he arrives to serve out his contract we shall return to him the Israeli passport that he's held from birth.

"His pal Lord Levy is welcome back at any time."