Hungarians broke the world record for simultaneous kissing on Saturday when more than 6,400 couples joined lips for a few seconds at a party outside the country's parliament, the organizers said.

Hungary has been engaged in a kissing duel with the Philippines since 2004, when 5,327 couples kissed in Manila, followed by new records in Budapest in 2005 and 6,124 couples in Manila again this February.

"The news came a few months ago that Filipinos had overtaken us, we became defiant and said we would take it back again," journalist Ferenc Pallagi who organized the Kissing Party, told Reuters.

One young couple who identified themselves as Orsi and Pityu started kissing during the rock concert half an hour before the official record attempt.

"That's the least we can do for the nation," Pityu said.

Pallagi said he was pleased the square in front of the ornate parliament building by the river of Danube was the scene of such peaceful emotions. The square had been cordoned off for months after being the scene of protests against the government.

"It is early summer ... and how else could these young people express themselves than through their love and emotions," he said before the couples in white baseball caps kissed and the concert resumed.